Wedding Insurance – The chaos controlling tool


Wedding day is the most memorable day in every married couple’s life who wants to live together forever. The beautiful memories made on the big day are cherished for lifetime. So to have the sweet memories every couple wants their wedding day to be perfect in every respect. Not a single couple can imagine a glitch in the execution of their scrupulous planning which includes the artistic display of flowers fabulous wedding dress, elegant wedding bands and the stunning photographs that capture the magic of the day to make the wedding memorable for eternity.

To have such beautiful memories in place we have wedding insurance which will not only give peace of mind but also takes guard against unforeseen circumstances. Wedding insurance can be defined as a plan that monetarily protects marriage and covers it against any debacle.

Sometimes circumstances go beyond the control and causes lot of damage to the whole event, but wedding insurance can control the damage by reimbursing the cost incurred.  For example, a couple planned their wedding near a beach. But on special day, their reception location was flooded with water. With the right kind of insurance policy, the couple postponed their wedding and received monetary benefit to plan their dream wedding again.


The main issue that lies before every couple before taking a wedding insurance policy is what is usually covered in this type of policies. Generally, a precise amount is fixed which can be claimed on various sections which include cost of the catering vendor, wedding venue and many more. But all these sections are prone to deductions.

So, now the question rises is how to select a specific insurance for the special day. Nowadays, various wedding insurance providers are available in the market to insure the mega event like wedding. But before selecting a particular policy it is advisable to calculate the total wedding budget or cost along with the deductions mentioned in the policy. So that it helps in choosing the right policy for covering the dream wedding.

Now comes the most vital part, always keep the wedding insurance policy handy and instantly call up the insurer if any mishap occurs. The contracts and receipts must be available between the insured party and vendors to avail the claim. It is advisable to do it instantly as most insurers instruct that they must be informed within the set time-frame which is usually within a one month’s time after the special day.