10 Interactive wedding tips for assuring that your wedding is fun!

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We have often heard people saying that the wedding was too boring and they just wasted their precious time. But, we are sure that you don’t want your wedding guests to say this. For ascertaining that everyone enjoys your wedding, here are few interactive wedding ideas exclusively for your ‘Big day.’

Role play

When you want to make your wedding interesting, you have to make sure that all your wedding guests play an important part in your wedding. For this, you can do the role-play by asking them to dress up according to any particular character. Avoid the traditional roles like groomsmen, bridesmaids, best man etc.

Social media craze

You can incorporate multiple interactive ideas in your wedding but, the best one is to incorporate social media into your wedding planning. You can live tweet the wedding events and you can post live pictures on Facebook. All these will keep the momentum going and it would provide ample opportunities for your wedding guests to enjoy. You can create a unique Facebook page too.

Message wall


You often keep guest books for your wedding guests to sign but, you can replace this with message wall. For this, use a huge piece of paper and pin it up on a wall. Place pens and colors around it for your guests to write their wishes on it.

Videos in place of photos

Weddings always give memories for a lifetime and for this, you click some of the most remarkable pictures of yourself. The latest wedding planning idea suggests that you should get some videos filmed for yourself. You and your loved ones will enjoy watching the video more than the photos.

Interactive wedding invitation designs

There are multiple options of modern wedding invitations for an interactive invite. You can send a puzzle invite to your guests or you can record a video invite and post it on YouTube. Writing your love story on the wedding invite will also do the trick for you.

Dance for guests

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A wedding does include lots and lots of music and dance, which are quite interactive and that allows your guests to enjoy. You can add our interactive wedding tips in the dance. All you need to do is that you should dedicate your first dance to your wedding guests.

Entertain the little guests

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Your interactive Wedding Ideas should not limit only to your adult guests, you should make sure that your little guests also enjoy the party. For this, you can have coloring books, crayons and other board games for them to enjoy.

Adorable Selfies

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While most of the people hire professional photographers for their wedding day, you could place a lot of disposable cameras in your wedding venue and ask your guests to click various selfies. Getting the wedding pictures from the perspective of guests will make a whole lot of difference.

Entertaining table activities


For you, your wedding will not be boring at all but, your wedding guests may be bored while sitting at the table and waiting for the wedding ceremony to finish. You can place various games at the tables or you can ask your guests to write their date ideas on the coasters. There are various other simple things that you could ask your guests to do for keeping them engaged.

Sign board says a lot

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Most of the wedding planning includes various sign boards throughout the wedding venue. These could serve the purpose of guiding your guests at the wedding venue but, they could also serve the purpose of interacting with your loved ones. Write the right words to bring a smile on everyone’s face.