Floral wedding decoration to reflect your cheery side

In the wedding market, you can find a wide range of decorative products that can be used to make your wedding venue outshine. Among all the available decorative stuff, flowers still top the chartbusters. Decorating the venue with beautiful flowers is the still the best wedding decoration and it will remain at the top position for the years to come. If you are also planning to decorate your wedding venue with flowers, here are some amazing floral wedding decoration tips just for you.

Floral Themed Wedding - IndianWeddingCards

Flowers are so beautiful that they can make anything look extremely beautiful and elegant. With the use of these beautiful flowers, you can create some eye-catching centrepieces that will make your wedding tables look extra glamorous and charming. The latest DIY ideas suggest that you can combine some different coloured fresh flowers and place them in jam jars and bottle to work wonders for your centrepieces.

Table Centrepieces - IndianWeddingCards

On the wedding altar, you can make a great use of flowers for the decoration. With the use of simple white flowers, you create beautiful backdrops to give a grace to your altar. Use of white drops combined with rose quartz shade flowers or white flowers will look simply stunning.

Floral Wedding Altar - IndainWeddingCards

 Tying your chosen flowers with matching ribbons to the aisle chairs will be magical and it can help you to make the overall ambience beautiful. You can hang small tea light holders filled with beautiful flowers on the aisle chairs.

Floral Wedding Aisle Chairs - IndianWeddingCards

All the chandeliers of your wedding venue could be adorned by floral decoration that will give a dramatic touch to your alternative wedding lighting.

Floral Wedding Chandeliers 1 - IndianWeddingCards

Floral Wedding Chandeliers 2 - IndianWeddingCards

Floral Wedding Chandeliers 3 - IndianWeddingCards

The floral decoration could be reflected in your wedding cake also. For this, you can have floral cake toppers along with floral icing all over it. Moreover, you can place small floral centrepieces around your cake to make it look more dramatic.

Floral Wedding Cake - IndianWeddingCards

This floral theme would be well carried in the wedding dresses also. Floral netted wedding gowns will give a charming appearance to the bride. The flowers could be attached to the groom’s coat brooch to match the floral decoration theme.

Floral Wedding Gowns 1 - IndianWeddingCards

Floral Wedding Gowns 2 - IndianWeddingCards

Your Wedding Invitation could also match to your theme. For this, you can choose from a wide range of Floral Wedding Invitations available in the market. These wedding cards are simply elegant and classy.

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The flower petals could also work wonder for your wedding. All you need to do is to sprinkle the beautiful petals throughout your wedding venue. This will give a beautiful feel and fragrance to your wedding venue. Decorating the way to altar with contrasting coloured flower petals will set the right tone.

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