A Complete Game of Thrones Wedding Inspiration Guide: Must Read!

Games of thrones inspired wedding is in the trend these days. When George R. R. Martin brought the series, he never thought that this would become one of the most preferred fantasy wedding themes. If you too love the series and planning to have a fantasy wedding, you should opt for the following GOT wedding inspiration ideas.

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The Games of Thrones is filmed mostly in Scotland and Northern Ireland; you can choose these locations as your destination wedding. This is the best Games of thrones theme inspired wedding idea.

For the GOT wedding theme, you could choose the castle location with stone floors, vaulted ceiling, stone walls, and secluded woodland.

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Clever use of alternative lighting in your wedding theme would be able to create a complete aura of ‘Games of thrones’. Keeping fire baskets, lanterns and fire torches in your wedding venue will be just amazing.

GOT theme inspired wedding cards can be customized using black museum board, gold foil and non conventional silhouettes. For the ‘save the date’ card, you can use the ‘shark house motto’.

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The masterpiece bridal wedding dress, you could try wearing a Margaery Tyrell’s wedding dress along with quartz crystal crown, bridal tiara with nice makeup will be beyond perfection.

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Arranged according to the noble houses, you can create your own seating arrangement and escort charts for the amazing GOT Wedding Inspirational Ideas.

A rustic centerpiece of wood branches with a medieval forest backdrop for the reception tables will add a glam factor in your GOT inspired theme wedding.


For the entertainment of the wedding guests, you can arrange interesting GOT inspired games like winter are coming and a lannister pays his debts.

For a king like feast in your Wedding Theme, you can have roasted chicken and turkey with rosemary and root vegetables garnish. The fun drink coasters will add the contemporary touch.

You have to decide your hailing house and then accordingly, you can opt for your wedding cakes. A metallic colored cake with swords, Iron thrones or fire breathing dragon will be amazing.

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I found it one of most interesting GOT Wedding Ideas. Placing a favor tag on your wedding gifts stating that ‘other than Lannister, there are others who have to pay their debts.’