Unique Wedding Favours Ideas That Every Guest Will Love!!!

It seems easy to buy any pre-packed wedding favours from the market but, are these really worthy? Most of these wedding favours are either left behind or they are dumped in the dustbins due to their uselessness. Alike elegant Indian Wedding invitations, wedding favours also reflect a lot about your wedding and your personality hence, we have compiled a list of some of the most amazing wedding favours that will be adored forever.

1. Lip Balms

Lip Balms-IndianWeddingCards

Lip Balms-IndianWeddingCards

Winter weddings give you the liberty to choose lip balms as wedding favours. This is useful and it is available in various favours and everyone needs it in the season. Personalize them with your monogram or wedding date.

2. Water Bottles

Water bottles-IndianWeddingCards

Water bottles-IndianWeddingCards

The market is full of varied shapes and sizes of water bottles that simply look stunning and moreover, they are useful in every wedding season. Choose one of the designer water bottles as the favour for your wedding.

3. Sunglasses



Summer weddings call for a little protection for your wedding guests and hence, you can opt for sunglasses as your favour. They are useful and definitely they will last for a very long time with your wedding guests.

4. Mojito Kit

Mojito kit-IndianWeddingCards

Okay, this is our personal favourite as we love mojito a lot. The best idea is to give mojito kit with muddler as wedding favour. Everyone loves the idea of having a soul soothing Mocktail anytime and it would help them make one it of their own.

5. Homemade Limoncello

Homemade Limoncello-IndianWeddingCards

If you wanna DIY your favours, this one is the easiest one out there in the market. Squeeze some lemons to make limoncello and pack them in cute bottles and jars and you are good to go.

6. Bottle Openers

Bottle openers-IndianWeddingCards

Trust us; you would definitely need a bottle opener in your life. Take this fact as an inspiration for your favour and buy antique bottle openers for your wedding. Nobody would dump it as they are definitely useful.

7. Chocolate Box

Chocolate box-IndianWeddingCards


No matter you have sweet tooth or not, you can’t deny a chocolate. Same thing applies to everyone so, it is always a good option to gift a box of chocolate as wedding favours. Add more flavours for more appreciation by your weddin         g guests.

8. Amazing Temporary Tattoos

Amazing temporary tattoos-IndianWeddingCards

Tattoos are quite a rage in the modern era and everyone loves to get inked. For this reason, you can have a tattoo bar in your wedding where guests can get temporary tattoos done. This would be the best wedding favour for everyone.

9. Candy Filled Mugs

Candy filled mugs_IndianWeddingCards

Candy filled mug-IndianWeddingcards

Eatables are the best wedding favours undoubtedly and you can make advantage of this fact. Take a beautiful mug and add some personalization on it before filling it with lots of candies. Trust me sweets can never go wrong.

10. Mason Jars Filled With Cookies

Mason jars filled with cookies-IndianWeddingCards

Spread out a buffet of cookies in your wedding along with cute mason jars. Ask your wedding guests to fill the mason jars with their favourite cookies and take it as their wedding favours.

So, these were our cool wedding favour ideas to inspire you. Send us your creative and unique favour ideas that reflects your style.