Follow These 7 Amazing Tips For a Perfect wedding venue

Finding that special someone with whom you will spend the rest of your life is indeed a big thing but, soon after that, you have to make lots of preparation for the nuptial bells to ring. Most important among the whole wedding planning is choosing a wedding venue that is perfect for you. Finding the right wedding venue seems easy to some but, it is the most difficult task. To ease things out, follow these 7 amazing tips for a perfect wedding venue.

Match the Vision

Beach Wedding Venue
Beach Wedding Venue

While choosing a wedding location, you always have to consider your wedding theme or personal choice. Most of the times your wedding style depends on hometown location. If your venue does not match your vision, it is advisable not to go with that even if it is really beautiful and attractive.  A wedding venue that gels well with your vision is the right choice.

Garden wedding venue
Garden wedding venue
Mountain Wedding Venue
Mountain Wedding Venue

Check the Space

Barn Wedding Venue-IndianWeddingCards
Barn Wedding Venue

Best wedding planning tip is to consider your wedding guest list before finalizing any venue for your wedding. Banquets, lawns or hotels with less space are often clumpy and results into mess. Along with this, you should also check if the space is well-ventilated and equipped with right cooling devices or not.

Outdoor Wedding Reception
Indoor wedding reception

Add on Services


Choosing a wedding venue with add on services is always good for pockets. Try finding the location that offers services like décor, catering, flowers and other things that are important for a memorable wedding. Check the quality of the services before saying yes to the venue. Add on services are always beneficial if they are well-managed.

Lights are Important


No matter how elegant or beautiful space you have chosen for your wedding, lights do play an important role to make things more beautiful. Check all the lighting set-up of your chosen venue. Make sure that the space has good fighting decoration and electricity facilities. Along with this, check with the owner if he allows additional lights and chandeliers if you want to.

Parking is Must

Parking at Wedding Venue

Suppose, you have checked the inside of the venue properly, you know they have good facilities, they offer good inclusive services and they are overall awesome. All set! Your guests may struggle over the parking space. Yes, one of the best wedding venue tips is to check if there is enough parking space available with the location or not.

Billing Process


Billing is often confusing and if not checked properly, you may end up in paying extra for nothing. The best wedding planning tip is to check the whole billing process for the wedding venue. In fact, check the same for every vendor you have appointed for your wedding.

Take the Reviews

Once, you have done all the above six steps, it’s time for a final thing. Check with the couples who have organized their wedding at the same venue. Ask them to give their genuine review about the place, services and all before finalizing. Even if you get the negative reviews, you have to make sure that the review is genuine or not. Get the list of the couples from the venue owners.

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