Childhood Throwback in Your Wedding with 20 Lego Ideas!

When Lego movie hit the silver screen, our favorite childhood toys came under the spotlight one more time. They are so colorful, they are so vibrant and they are so amazing that couples nowadays love to add a beautiful childhood throwback to their wedding with the help of these. If you are getting married anytime soon and looking for some amazing inspiration, ideas, and themes for your celebration, check out our Lego inspired wedding ideas and make your big day more memorable.

Keep your wedding rings in the box created with the help of Lego.

lego-wedding-ring box

For your Lego inspired wedding invitation designs, you can add bride and groom mini-figures in the design.

Lego inspired wedding invite

Get a wedding portrait clicked by having wedding rings with the bride and groom Lego mini-figures.

Lego inspired wedding ring

Add subtle sartorial details to groom’s wedding attire in the form of themed cufflinks.

Lego star wars groom cufflinks

To make an amazing centerpiece for your reception table, fill a bowl with Legos and have a cute love note in it.

Lego inspired wedding table centerpiece

With the help of Legos, you can create various structures that could work as your centerpieces.

Lego wedding centerpiece

Creating a bouquet of flowers with the help of Legos is an ideal idea for your wedding décor.

Lego wedding bouquet

You can mark your table numbers with the help of Legos.

Lego Wedding table Numbers

Create some adorable props with the help of Legos that could be used for a cute wedding photo.

Wedding photoshoot with lego prop

You can use labeled Legos bricks to guide your guests to their seats.

Lego wedding bricks to guide your guest

Lego inspired brick to guide wedding guest

Create cute escort cards with the help of Lego mini-figures.

Lego wedding place cards

Lego inspired place cards

Cute little wedding favors could be made with the help of Legos

Lego wedding favors ideas

These Legos could be used to entertain your little guests.

Lego wedding guest fun and entertainment

There are various ideas to use Legos in your wedding cake but, under the icing approach is the most popular.

Amazing Lego wedding cake

Lego wedding cake

For some memorable wedding pictures, you can use Lego with the wedding gown.

Lego wedding photoshoot

For wedding favors, you can also have Lego inspired mini-figures sugar cookies.

Lego wedding cookies favors

For desserts, you can have cupcakes with Lego bricks molded out of fondant or chocolate.

Lego wedding cupcake

Wedding keepsakes are amazing and for a Lego-themed wedding, a shadowbox frame with a sweet poem and mini-figures is simply wonderful.

Lego shadow box frame with a sweet poem

With the help of thousand individual Lego pieces, you can turn your favorite wedding photo into a Lego artwork.

Lego wedding photoshoot with props

Sugary treat in the form Lego-themed candies is good to give the wedding favor to your guests.

Edible Lego inspired wedding favors