From Jingle Bells To Wedding Bells – Ways To Pull Off The Perfect Christmas Wedding

Getting married during Christmas is one of the best things that you can have this winter season. While every wedding is romantic, there’s something particularly magical about a Christmas wedding. It will give you another reason to make this festive season even more Christmassy as you have two events to look forward to.

This season is not only meant for holiday home décor, but it’s also the best time of the year to take your vows with your partner.

Whether it’s a Christmas wedding or any winter wedding, it has to be planned carefully. As we all know, winter is the busiest time of the year for weddings, but getting married during Christmas is something that you’ll remember for your whole life. So, if you’re getting ready to say your vows this Christmas and want to add some personal touches to the big celebration, then consider these tips to pull off the perfect Christmas wedding.

Choose The Venue Accordingly

christmas wedding venues

Choosing the right venue in winter season is extremely important. Many churches are drafty and chilly in the winter, especially if the snow and ice are piling up outside. The biggest concern for you when choosing the venue for a Christmas wedding is keeping the venue warm and making sure that the guests are comfortable. So choose a venue wisely, you can also consult  professional wedding planners if possible.

Focus On Decoration

christmas wedding descoration ideas

In the winter season, it is not easy to find the right flowers that go with your wedding theme, especially if you are on a budget. But if you’re considering decorating the venue yourself, then pink and white roses are the best flowers to get. To make a breathtaking choice of decoration, you can combine these flowers with gold and silver ornaments. Things such as ornaments, berries, pine cones, logs, and white birch branches will make a gorgeous, wintery statement in your décor.

Choose Weather-Appropriate Dresses

christmas wedding bridal dress

Knee-length dresses may look cute, but  come winter and your legs may freeze away. So wear a dress that is long and keeps you from freezing. The dress fabric should be light and something romantic, but it must be long enough to keep you warm and cozy. The perfect wedding gown is one that makes the bride look gorgeous while providing all the comfort that she wants.

Food And Drink

christmas wedding food ideas

Christmas is the best time of the year to splash out on great food and drinks, so serve your guest a feast that they will remember for a long time. From the cocktail hour to the reception, serve food that will warm your guests’ tummies! You can also offer your guests mulled wine and hot spiced apple juice as they arrive at your reception, with mini sausages to nibble on. For the main course, you can offer a buffet as well as the traditional turkey with all the trimmings. When it comes to dessert, there is a variety of options, such as hot cocoa bars, hot toddies, and ruled ciders

Light Up The Night

Light Up The Night Christmas Wedding

In the winter season, the sun goes down extremely early and you don’t want to disappoint your guest with low lighting. So make sure that the venue has plenty of lights. You can opt for string lighting and candles to give the venue a more charming look or you can use vintage lamps for added elegance. Whatever you choose, make sure that it creates an amazing impact on your wedding.

If you want to pull off the perfect Christmas wedding this Christmas, then consider these tips. We assure you that you and your bride will have an unforgettable moment.