9 Wedding Stationary Mistakes that You Should Avoid!

When it comes to wedding planning, finding the right wedding invitation is the most important task as it gives a glimpse of what your wedding ceremony really would be. Couples often find the perfect wedding invitation and consider that it is just enough leaving a lot of space for major wedding stationary mistakes. Just have a look at the major stationary mistakes and try avoiding them in your wedding invitations.

1. Including every wedding detail

Wedding cards online

Wedding Invitation Suite Details

Giving a personal touch in your invites is awesome and definitely, it gives a clear idea of your personal preferences and design aesthetics but, overdoing is not right. When you order wedding cards online, use the customization tool but, make sure you don’t try to exaggerate things. Remember you can’t include everything on a single card.

2. Overuse of colors

Colored Wedding Invitations

Weddings are a lively event of anyone’s life and incorporating colors into your wedding invitations is the best idea. However, some people overdo it making everything messy. If you are using bold and bright colors, balance them with some neutral shades so that the text is clearly visible.

3. Don’t miss necessary details

Wedding venue addressing etiquette

There are a lot of important details which can make your wedding guests really happy guests. You definitely need to mention the location, date and time on the wedding invitations. If you are reception is at the same venue, you can write ‘reception to follow’. If the reception is at some other location, mention the location.  Inform about the whole event, venue information, hotel information, dress code and everything important.

4. Right amount of time

Couples usually prefer using wedding invitations offer to purchase their wedding stationery as it gives them the best quality products in less investment. However, sending the cards immediately is not a good idea as the RSVP might get lost. On the other hand, some couple does not leave enough time for the guests to respond. The best practise is to give the right amount of time to your guests for replying.

5. Over-ordering or less number of cards

Wedding Guest list

Online wedding invitations order is quite trendy these days but, it takes time for delivery so, it makes it necessary for the right number of cards to be ordered. Some people do not make the guest list correctly and either over order cards or order less number of cards. Make your wedding guest list wisely and before ordering the cards. Order some extra invitations to avoid the later fuss.

6. Address it right

wedding envolope addressing

Wedding guest addressing details

Various online wedding invitation services offer the services of addressing the envelopes at the low price or no price at all. You should be very specific while addressing your guests. Make sure you use the right salutations for your guests that do not offend them in any sense.

7. Be specific who is invited

wedding envolope

When you are writing names on your cards, you should clearly mention who all are invited to your ceremony or reception. If you are having ‘adult only’ wedding, you should clearly mention that. Along with this, if you are inviting friends of friends, do mention this clearly so that all can make it to your wedding.

8. Forgetting to stamp on the reply envelopes

Stamped wedding envolope

It is obvious to stamp your reply envelopes so that your wedding guests can respond easily but, it is the most overlooked detail also. Before sealing your envelope, check all the necessary details like stamp and other wedding stationary otherwise opening a sealed envelope is quite a task.

9. Proofread before sending

Typos may make you appear fool so ask your grammatically inclined friend to check and proofread your invites before sending the design to prints. Wrong names or wrong spellings can never be an option when it comes to wedding invitations.