Our Handpicked 12 Most Beautiful First Dance Wedding Songs!

At times, couples get so engrossed with their wedding planning that they often forget to pick their first dance song while at the other times, they consider it as one of the easiest tasks and leave it for the last moment but, they instantly realize the complexity when they finally try to pick their first dance song. So, the best way is to choose beforehand. The song you choose can either speak in length of your relationship or it can be a truly classic song but, if you want something unique and out of the box for your first dance with your spouse, here is a playlist that you could choose from.

Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’

Perfect for any couple irrespective of age, this song is truly the sweetest one from the Sheeran’s divide and you would love it too.

Bright Eyes’ “First Day of My Life”

The lyrics of this song are seriously sentimental and you would fall in love with this song in one go. It is a true love song that makes you feel that you are in love from the very first day you saw your partner.

 Nelly Furtado’s “Feel so close”

While the original “Feel so close” by Calvin Harris is a sensationally romantic song, the slowed-down acoustic version of this song by Nelly is something that will make you fall in love all over again.

Lord Huron’s “Ends of the earth”

This song perfectly summarizes the eternal love and this folksy song conveys how the start of a lifetime adventures begin after marriage.

Uncle Kracker’s “Smile”

This one is classic but, it is one of the most romantic song that would bring a smile on your faces and the faces of your guests too. If you can hire a live band to sing this one for you, it would be even better.

Adele’s “Remedy”

Adele is someone who sings all the all songs with an ease. While all her songs are equally romantic, the remedy is something that would make you feel all the deep love towards your spouse.

Beyoncé’s “XO”

A lot of couples would not consider this song a truly romantic song but, listen to this carefully and you would understand that this is one of the best first dance songs for your wedding.

Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey”

We all know that Stapleton’s vocals are simply mesmerizing and sultry and you would get high on love with the lyrics of this boozy song. The title is definitely weird by song is awesome.

Bird talker’s “My Lover”

This song is seriously romantic and intimate that makes it the ideal one for your first dance together. it would make you feel that you two are the only ones left in the room and the voice with the music of guitar is something to cherish.

Paper Kites’ “Bloom”

Lyrics are awesome and music is so breathtaking that you would love it. This first dance song will make your hearts sing with the tunes for sure.

Blossom Dearie’s “Deed I Do”

If you are looking for a jazzy tune, kind of an old-school type number for your first dance, this song is perfect for you. It is wonderful and anyone is going to love it.

Mapei’s “Don’t wait”

This is a wonderful song and narrates all about finding a true friend and getting through the ups and downs of life together. What could be better than having this song as your first dance song?