A beautiful wedding calls for amazing wedding ideas and this also include a wedding color scheme that is absolutely whimsical. While, we sneak peeked into a lot of wedding color scheme, there is one color combo that completely stole our hearts and that is the combo of dark blue, gold, yellow and grey. If you want to know what is so mesmerizing about this, just check out our 10 whimsical wedding ideas of this gorgeous color scheme.

Bridesmaid dresses

Black, grey, yellow bridesmaids dresses

If you have decided to go a little bold, you can choose a stunning yellow and grey dress for your wedding but, if you have decided to go with traditional white wedding dress then, you can ask your bridesmaids to don stunning navy blue colored tea length dresses.

The Bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet

Ditch roses and peonies for your bridal bouquet and make a bridal bouquet that completely matches your wedding color scheme. You can choose beautiful sun flowers blended with some white flowers and lots of greenery.

Groom’s dress

groom fashion

A stunning grey suit can make any man look absolutely handsome and this is an ideal idea to look right as per your color scheme. Grooms can opt for a grey colored tuxedo or three-piece suit and assure that their brides fall in love with them all over again.

Wedding aisle

Wedding aisle

Walk in swag to your wedding altar and to make sure that your wedding aisle look perfect for your wedding color scheme, you can spread lots of yellow flower petals along with blue and gold colored confetti everywhere

Gingham wedding cake

Ghigham style wedding cake

The wedding cakes are essential part of any wedding irrespective of wedding theme or wedding color scheme. To make your wedding cake ideal for your wedding, you can choose a blue and white colored Gingham style wedding cake and go a step further, a yellow and gold colored cake topper would be perfect.

Stunning wedding cards

Floral wedding invitation

Finding a lot of wedding invitation designs to match this color scheme is damn easy as it one of the most popular wedding color combo and trust us, everyone would love this color combo in your wedding card.

Table runner

Golden blue table runner

Although, you can choose opt for any of these colors to make your table runner but, a golden table runner on dark blue colored table cloth is such a stunning idea that everyone will fall in love with it.

Wedding decoration

blue grey yellow wedding decoration

When it comes to wedding decoration, this is just one thing that can completely depict your wedding color combo or wedding theme and hence, it becomes absolutely necessary to do it right. For this color combo, you can have blue and yellow colored drapery to decorate your wedding venue.

The food

Wedding food

Great food can make your wedding memorable for a lot of wedding guests and if you want to make it even more wonderful, you can have desserts and dishes with a mix of these colors. Like a blue colored or yellow colored icing on cupcakes can look wonderful. Further adding gold eatable glitter would make it more amazing.

Grand exit

Grand wedding exit


Make a grand exit from your wedding venue in blue colored car while, your wedding guests shower gold, yellow and grey confetti on your way.