We don’t put much typical talks in Halloween this time. It’s always fun for kids and a fine time to cuddle up for a scary movie or do some party in creepy costumes. Whatever, it’s a time for a Halloween party. Some off the couple might be planning to marry on this Halloween, so they will surely go for a Halloween party theme. Here we are listing few things that you can add on your theme wedding which make your big day little less creepy or little more interesting … It’s actually not so scary

1. Halloween Cup Cake: Sweet as Cake, Scary as Caspar

Celebrate Your halloween wedding with Cup cake

2. Wedding cake top: Death will follow You even on your Wedding Cake Top

Death follow you till end

3. Wedding Ride: Halloween Wedding Death ride which is endless

Death Ride

4. Halloween Part Drink


5. Use black and shiny silver wedding invitations

Halloween Theme Wedding Invitations

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6. Halloween Wedding Costume: Dress Like bat

Halloween costume

7. Halloween Prank: It’s Really so creative

Halloween creepy

8. Halloween Angel: It’s Not only About Witches

Halloween Cute witch

9. Pumpkin is not only for Scary faces but can be a beautiful cake

Halloween Pumpkin cake

10. Halloween Theme Wedding Photography: It’s a great idea

halloween Wedding Dress

11. Halloween Theme Wedding Dinner

Lets see you will eat dinner or dinner will eat you

Halloween wedding party

12. Last But not the least: Halloween Wedding Album

See your real faces

So try out these Things and make your Wedding exciting.  Till Then Happy Halloween 🙂

Content Was originally Published on Buzzfeed