There is nothing more magical than winter weddings. The melodies of holiday music, the charm of wintry floral, and the frosty setting of the season will add an enigma even to the chilliest of days. If you are looking to tie a knot in this chilling season, then you have arrived at the right place. We are here with a list of the best winter wedding ideas.

Get ready to deck the halls for your winter weddings. Our list of winter wedding ideas will definitely enchant you and your wedding guests.

In this winter wedding idea, we have tried to cover everything that ranges from the faux fur coat to an outdoor bar. Every winter wedding idea will flaunt the season spirit.

Lets’ start revealing the best-in-class holiday and winter wedding ideas.

Choose a Suitable Wedding Venue

A wedding is a special occasion, and when it comes to winter weddings, venues are pivotal in deciding the theme and style of the day. Although there are plenty of winter wedding venue ideas and one of the most amazing ones is the barn venue.

From a shabby-chic aesthetic to a cozy lodge, the barn wedding venue will definitely set a picturesque view. The mountains in the background elevate the wedding experience.
Go to a botanical garden if you have a December ceremony. It will fill the wedding with an enchanting backdrop.

Plan Alternate Venue for Emergencies

Winter weddings are great, but one has no control over the emergencies created by nature. Therefore, it is advisable to plan an alternate wedding venue in case of bad weather.
Take this winter wedding idea like a pro tip. Make sure you have a proper arrangement in times of emergencies like bad snow. Make sure your suppliers are unable to get there on time, and you have a proper arrangement for your guests’ stay.

Don The Long Sleeves

One of the important winter wedding ideas is to take care of oneself. Make the winter wedding nuptials in favor by utilizing the long sleeves wedding dresses.

Groom can accessories with different kinds of cuff-links, on the other hand, brides can adorn illusion sleeves and collared lace necklines.

Brides have multiple dress silhouettes. You can also go to a chic sweater, and fur store to elevate your bridal looks.

Have a Provision for Spare Time

Winter weddings are dynamic. From rainfall to a heavy snowdrift, anything can happen during a winter wedding. To help you stay prepared for any such contingencies, we bring this point as one of the top winter wedding ideas.

Give yourself peace of mind by keeping some extra time in the pocket to travel to the venue. You can also mention the time accordingly in your designer wedding invitations so that your guests plan their schedule accordingly and reach your wedding on time.

Season-Centric Accessories

Having a nuptial in the chilling weather can be a different frozen experience but, you can elevate the wedding experience anytime by adding some festive wedding accessories.

Including festive weddings, accessories are one of the most amazing winter wedding ideas. Include such accessories that can augment the charm of your wedding dress and amplify its enigma.
You can select a golden hair comb and flaunt as an inner Grecian goddess. You can also go for a seasonal hair wreath that’s worthy of all bohemian bride. Shine bright with a patchwork sequin cape, and the faux fur stole will be perfect for an outdoor ceremony.

Apart from the above-mentioned winter wedding ideas, here are some more for you that will surely bring warmth even to the most frosty weddings.

  • You can consider the wedding venue as your venue for the reception as well.
  • Keep yourself up to date with what’s trending in the winter decoration.
  • Always get your winter wedding insured. It is a pro winter wedding idea.
  • Let the candles create a romantic mood by placing them as centerpieces, near fireplaces, beside windowsills, and hanging as lanterns.
  • Let the sparkles, candy canes, mulled wine spices, and mini bottles of Baileys make perfect winter wedding favors.
  • Hire carol singers to welcome everyone at the wedding ceremony and create an entire winter wonderland fantasy. It will be one of the best winter wedding ideas for your nuptial.
  • Embrace the season flowers for your bouquet and arrangements. You can opt for classic whites or dramatic reds.
  • Hire a seasoned wedding photographer, which can create magic through one’s lens and make your wedding day memorable.

Benefits of Winter Weddings

If you are still in a dilemma about whether to throw a winter wedding or not, then worry not, here is the list of winter wedding advantages that range from less stress to better rates for venues. Let’s go through them one by one:


  • Having a winter wedding will be less stressful. Since most winter weddings take place inside, one need not have to worry about cold winds or sudden rain.
  • Winter weddings will bring you a chance to say bye-bye to humidity. Lack of humidity is a blessing for your hair and makeup.
  • Since most people look for summer or spring weddings, the couple opting for winter weddings have more options for venue, dates, and also have a better chance for rates.
  • One of the best parts of having a winter wedding is free decoration, Most wedding venues are adorned with festival decoration that will add charm to your special day.
  • Travel season is at a peak in the summer season, and vice versa in the winter. You can enjoy cheaper travel and accommodations.
  • There will be less or no wedding fatigue.
  • Having a wedding in winter is something out of the ordinary.
  • You can gorgeously don the black tie.
  • You will et Instagram-worthy stunning snowy wedding photos.

Wrapping Up

Not a lot of people plans for winter weddings, but for those who do, for them, winter wedding have lots of good things in store. Our list of winter wedding ideas will elevate the charm of your special day. If you still have some doubts we suggest you go through the list of winter wedding ideas and winter wedding benefits once again and you have a great and memorable nuptial.