List of best greenhouse wedding venues for a romantic venue

Several trends come and go every few years. Just like wedding invitation cards, wedding dress and wedding menu has their trend, in the same way, even the wedding venue has its trends.

Greenhouse Wedding Venues

The most popular trend which is in vogue among modern couples in the present time is the greenhouse wedding venues.

Would-be couples across the globe prefer to exchange their vows amidst the opulent flora and lush greenery.

The pristine and crystal look of glass space gives adds the charm of your wedding venue. 

The greenhouse makes the best choice as a wedding venue for many reasons, and one of the most significant reasons is that the greenhouse allows lots of sunlight and warmth to the wedding space.

Another reason why greenhouse wedding venues are in trend is that they are the best alternatives to an outdoor wedding theme.

People who love to have outdoor weddings but are worried about untimely rain or other natural disturbances, for them greenhouse wedding venues come as a perfect choice.

Another factor that brings greenhouse wedding venue into the vogue is that even in the minimalistic decor, your wedding venue dazzles up like a crystal palace.

With that being said, let us move ahead and discuss the most amazing and most gorgeous greenhouse wedding venues.

We are sure, tying a knot amidst the lush green surroundings and refulgent aura would make your nuptial day memorable for you and also for your wedding guests.

The moment of saying vows will become momentous in the greenhouse wedding venues.

Babylonstoren at Cape Town

Greenhouse Wedding Venues

Cape Town is a prominent tourist destination in South Africa. Numerous places attract tourists from across the globe.

One such place is Babylonstoren, which is also listed among the prominent greenhouse wedding venues.

The greenhouse restaurant in the Babylonstoren is a real show stealer that attracts people towards it. It also makes an ideal place to organize dinner once you are done with your wedding ceremonies.

Jardin de Buis at New Jersey

Greenhouse Wedding Venues

Featured as a gorgeous greenhouse wedding venue, the Jardin is located amidst the beauty of Pottersville in New Jersey.

At Jardin, you could also get some inspiration for your floral wedding invitation as it offers charming nature-oriented nuptial

Some major attractions of Jardin de Buis in New Jersey include a series of barns, gardens, plant nurseries and many more.

Ed Lycan Conservatory at Oklahoma City

Ed Lycan Conservatory

The Ed Lycan Conservatory is listed among the coolest greenhouses to get married. According to some, this conservatory is also called the crown jewel of Will Rogers Gardens.

There are multiple gorgeous glass panels throughout the Ed Lycan Conservatory which makes the perfect ambiance for couples to exchange their vows.

All those wishing to have that old vintage style wedding; they can choose this refurbished 1920s conservatory.

This greenhouse wedding venue can house up to 130 guests at the same time and you can also find some inspiration for your floral wedding invitation here.

Ed Lycan Conservatory at New York

Ed Lycan Conservatory

A foundry greenhouse is a place that flaunts with the industrial look. The place foundry means a workshop for casting metal. The industrial-style wedding venue has its charm and style.

There are plenty of factors that make this place a perfect delight for a photographer. There is a spectacular main space, a dazzling interior, and a dreamy terrace along with the courtyard which allows the couple to have their perfect wedding dance.

Franklin Park Conservatory at Columbus

Franklin Park Conservatory

For all who are waiting to organize a tropical wedding, Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden is the perfect place.

Built with a grand glass ceiling with indoor tropical gardens, this gorgeous place makes a perfect greenhouse wedding venue.

Get ready to host your wedding ceremonies on the Wolfe terrace at Franklin Park where the majestic palm house in the backdrop makes a perfect canvas for a photographer.

Arrange a memorable wedding reception amidst the beautiful tropical plants and flowers inside.

Having a capacity of holding 500 guests at a time this place has various other gorgeous locations inside such wells barn, grand atrium, and Veridian to name a few.

Conservatory of flowers at San Francisco

Conservatory of flowers

Wedding day is the most awaited day in anyone’s life. Every one of us would like to make it as special as possible.

Having greenhouse wedding venues and charming floral wedding invitations are two such ways. The Conservatory of Flowers at San Francisco is a charming greenhouse wedding venue that is filled with a plethora of natural flowers available in vivid dreamy colors.

Enjoy your wedding day with tropical plants. Here you will get to enjoy an unforgettable experience by exchanging your vows standing amidst such plants and flowers which you may not anywhere else.

Let your wedding guests engage with a gorgeous array of colorful flowers, let them feel the warmth of the surroundings with intoxicating fragrances.

Fairmount Horticulture Center, Pennsylvania

Fairmount Horticulture Center

Among all the modern brides and contemporary grooms, the Fairmount Horticulture Center has become the most loved greenhouse wedding venue in Pennsylvania.

The place is huge and can fit around 300 guests within. The venue also offers its guests all the wedding details in house ranging from catering to bar services and many more.

 Sonnenberg Gardens at Canandaigua New York

Sonnenberg Gardens

Filled with a gorgeous plethora of gardens and waving tall trees, the Sonnenberg Gardens is a true delight for nature lovers.

This greenhouse wedding venue is compact with an abundance of natural beauty that inspires your floral wedding invitation.

Take a stroll through the flower-filled gardens or spend some relaxing time under tall trees, this place is perfect for either.

Spread stretch in 50 acres this special place is a prominent public garden in New York State. If you see the literal meaning of Etymologically Sonnenberg, refers to the German word, it means Sunny Hill. 

Make your wedding memorable by tying a knot in this Victorian beauty

Among all the modern brides and contemporary grooms, the Fairmount Horticulture Center has become the most loved greenhouse wedding venue in Pennsylvania.

The place is huge and can fit around 300 guests within. The venue also offers guests all the wedding details in house from catering bar services.

Some more Greenhouse wedding venues for modern couples

Greenhouse Wedding Venues

  • Shipley Gardens at Herefordshire in England –  40 years old beauty, a long stretch in 30 acres.
  • The Terrain at Styers in Pennsylvania – A perfect place for indoor & outdoor wedding venues. 
  • Garfield Park Conservatory, Chicago Illinois – This ultimate gem is a multi-room greenhouse.
  • Bombay Sapphire Distillery United Kingdom – 300 years old greenhouse wedding venue.
  • Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, Minnesota – Perfect events and can compact approx 400 guests.