Our COVID-19 Wedding Planning Guide For Couples

We all have a dream to organize a wedding in the most memorable way which would be remembered for a long-long time.
In the present time, when the entire world is fighting the deadly novel corona-virus, at this time, every social interaction has come to the halt.
It means that there would be no grand gathering, no lavish post-wedding parties, and no special occasion to takes place for some time.
We understand it must be a heartbreaking and confusing situation. The biggest concern for the couples to be is the date of the wedding.
Due to the corona-virus outbreak, people have to pivot their wedding plans into postponement. Amidst all, one of the biggest concerns is to convey the wedding planning to the guests at the right time.
If you are also looking to re-plan your wedding, this guide will help you out.

Wedding Planning Guide for Couples

Questions You Should Ask Before You Plan Your Wedding During Covid-19 OutbreakQues

Ques 1. Do we need to postpone our wedding date?

Ques 2. How do we tell our guests about the changes in our wedding planning?

Ques 3. How do we talk about the changes in our wedding plans with our vendors?

Ques 4. What we can do if we are recently engaged?

Maintain Proper Communication With Guests

Proper Communication With Guests
Have proper contact info of your guests
In this time of crises, you should be sure that you have current contact information for your guests. In this way, you can connect with them accordingly.

Email Your Wedding Planning Updates to Your Guest

The current situation prevailing due to the outbreak of coronavirus doesn’t allow you to personally visit your guests and make them aware of the changes in your nuptial date. Or you can have a dedicated web page on your website and update your wedding plans there. You can also send emails to your guests and update them all the future plans of the wedding date.

Have a Dedicated Social Media Page or Group

In the current time, social media plays a crucial role in our lives. We get the latest news and updates through social media only. But that does not mean you have to make your wedding public.
Create a personal/private group on social media platform dedicated to your wedding, add your family and friends in that group, and keep update the group with all the essential information.

Wedding Plans for Recently Engaged Couples

Wedding Plans for Recently Engaged Couples
Did you recently get engaged? Are you getting worried about how you will manage your wedding date? Continue reading this point. First, take a deep breath, relax your mind, and now ponder on your plans. Coronavirus has affected every industry, ranging from food to decoration, to floral, and many more. Thus, it is necessary that you should have two to three backup plans.
Have a small celebration just for you two or just your near and dear ones. Take an engagement selfie, and send them the photographs to your guests via engagement announcement cards.
If you have hired a wedding planner, ask the one if they can adapt to indoor wedding plans, and moreover, if they are okay with a little bit of resilience in the contract.
Order save the date cards and add a personalized note in it telling your guests about your wedding date plans.

Wedding Plans for Those, Whose Wedding Day is Approaching Near

Everything is ready, every preparation is made, the wedding dress is ready, and you are all set to witness your special day, but unfortunately, everything seems to come to a halt due to COVID-19 pandemic.
If you are facing such a situation, then this post is for you.
Check out the latest recommendation issued by the government of your country and also consult your local public health authority about the policy for people gathering.
You know how coronavirus is severely affecting the elderly and people with the weaker immune system. You definitely do not want your guests to get affected. Therefore, you should be okay with the fact, that such guests can’t attend your wedding.
Ask your videographer if they are still available to shoot your wedding in a simple home-based event. Ask them if they can stream your wedding so that your guests could be a part of your wedding virtually.