Tips for Celebrating Perfect NRI Indian Weddings for 2016

For chasing dreams and ambitions, a lot of Indians leave India each year. But when they think about their wedding, all they could think of is a ‘Big fat’ Indian Wedding with all the proper Indian Wedding ceremonies and rituals. However, planning a perfect NRI Indian wedding is not at all easy as it involves lots of efforts, patience and months of preparation. Moreover, leaving work for making all the preparations is not feasible at all. Most of the NRI couples hire a wedding planner who takes care of wedding venue, wedding invitations, wedding decorations and other minute details of the wedding planning. Still, there is always some room for more. For all such rooms, we have some tips for celebrating perfect NRI Indian weddings for 2016.

1. Make a list of all the rituals

For executing any plan properly, it’s most important to list down things. And for a super big plan of marriage, listing down everything becomes almost inevitable. So, you should make a list of all the important rituals and ceremonies that you want to occur in your wedding. Give this list to your wedding planner.

On the basis of this listing, you can also decide all the material that will be required for these rituals.

Indian Customs and Rituals - IndianWeddingCards

2. Next comes the guest list

No marriage is dramatic and astonishing without the lively and entertaining guests. So for an exciting NRI Indian wedding, you need to choose your guests and send them your Wedding Invitation. This will leave enough time for them to make all their necessary preparations.

Guest List - IndianWeddingCards

3. Shopping

Do, you know the best part of wedding? Well, it is shopping indeed. You are allowed to shop the whole world without any limit. Make sure that you do all your important shopping on time from the country of your residence. However, make sure that you only purchase important things. Why? Okay, we are pretty sure that you might have heard about the luggage weight limit in flights. Yup, that’s the reason. And, it will also leave some space for you to purchase some stuff from your mother land.Wedding Shopping - IndianWeddingCards

4. Blending rituals and customs

We know that you want a proper Indian wedding. But, mixing few rituals and customs will not affect the essence at all. You can add some rituals to give it a contemporary flavour. Moreover, it might help you to save a lot of time for your honeymoon.

5. Keep a check on your wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner does not mean that you can sit back and relax. You should keep a check on all the preparations of the wedding planner. Know your about the wedding venue booking, wedding preparation planning, Wedding Invitation, catering and every other details. Few things you can also do of your own like you can choose your own Indian Wedding Cards from the rich collection of

6. Visa, passport and other legal formalitiesss

Since you are an NRI, it implies that there will be lot of legal formalities involved for your visit to India. If everything is fine with your visa and passport, then it’s great. But, make sure that the same thing implies on your loved ones as well so that no one miss the chance to be there on your ‘big day’.

7. Bookings

So, you reached India for a dreamy NRI Indian Wedding. Great! Where will you stay??? Got it, why we have mentioned this? You should check all your hotel bookings and other necessary bookings. This will make sure that everything is at place on your arrival in India.

Follow these general tips and enjoy your wedding at a full swing. Hey! Did you forget to mention the flight bookings? Great! That you remember.