“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”

No matter how true this may seem in the general cases of life but, it does not hold true at all when it comes to the Indian weddings. The Indian Brides always try to look their best during their weddings. And, why not? The occasion of Indian weddings is the epitome of exuberance and glamour, which makes it mandatory for the brides to outshine everyone else. If you are also doing your wedding planning this year, here are some interesting Indian bridal looks to get inspired.

The Muslim Bride

Beautiful Muslim Bride - IndianWeddingCards
Most of the Muslim women are extremely beautiful and on the occasion of wedding, they are in the next level of elegance and grace. There is no specific color decided for the bridal dress but, it is seen that they prefer either golden color of Maroon color the most. The matching accessories and Makeup enhance the overall beauty of the brides. Like the Maroon Muslim Wedding Cards, the dresses of the bride in these weddings are highly embellished and decorated. In short, anyone can be awestruck with the charm of these beautiful brides.

The Rajasthani Bridal Look

Beautiful Rajasthani Bride - IndianWeddingCards
Traditions, folk dances, amazing dresses, puppet shows and various other colorful things are part of the Rajasthani tradition. And, the Indian wedding traditions of Rajasthan along with the looks of Rajasthani brides are equally colorful and amazing. In hot red Rajasthani dress, the brides can be a show-stopper of any ethnic fashion show. The nominal bridal makeup is overruled by the amazing ethnic jewellery. The Nathani, neckpiece and other mind-blowing jewellery pieces can amaze anyone.

The Marathi Bride Appearance

Beautiful Marathi Bride - IndianWeddingCards

The Marathi brides look simply gorgeous in their red bridal saree. In the modern world, the brides have started wearing saree of other colors too however, the red is the authentic color of these Indian Wedding Traditions. With gold and Kundan jewellery, the brides simply steal the show. And, the bridal makeup of these brides is a balance of elegance and tradition. However, the highlights are the headband, Maang tika and the nathni.

The Punjabi Bride

Beautiful Punjabi Bride - IndianWeddingCards
The Punjabi weddings are grandeur in nature and this itself suggests the glamour of the Punjabi brides. There is no specific color defined for the dresses of Punjabi brides but, they cannot wear blue,black and white color for sure. The most preferred colors for the bridal dresses are red and hot pink with golden embroidered. ‘Exceptionally beautiful makeup’ with matching jewellery and accessories help in personifying the beauty of Punjabi brides.

The Christian Bridal Look

Beautiful Christian Bride - IndianWeddingCards
The Christian weddings are truly graceful and heart throbbing. Most of the Christian weddings incorporate remarkable wedding venues, elegant wedding cards and other amazing things. If everything in Christian weddings is amazing, you can yourself imagine the charm of the Christian Brides. Dressed in white gown, the Christian brides look exactly like Disney fairies. With matching pearl necklace and lace gloves, the beauty is intensified.

The South-Indian Bride

Beautiful South-Indian Bride- IndianWeddingCards
Traditional South-Indian Wedding planning is not very easy. These kind of Indian weddings are a blend of various rituals and customs. With this fact in hand, it is pretty obvious that the South Indian brides have to dress-up according to the culture. The South Indian brides wear beautiful Kanjeevaram sarees on their wedding day. To complement the look well, the brides wear traditional gold jewellery and beautiful white mogra flowers in her hair. The beauty of these brides is truly exemplary.

The Bengali Bridal Appearance

Beautiful Bengali Bride - IndianWeddingCards

In general, the Bong girls have flawless skin and beautiful hairs and to adorn them is a treat for the Makeup artist and designers. Following the Bengali Wedding Planning traditions, the brides dress up in traditional Bengali saree with stunning benaroshi and mukut. The charm and grace of these brides will make you fall in love with them. The breathtakingly beautiful Bengali brides are a treat to everyone’s eyes.

No matter which Indian wedding you are opting for and which look, you will choose for your wedding. You can always find the most amazing wedding cards at the IndianWeddingCards.