What are the mistakes to be avoided while planning a wedding reception?

You must plan out your wedding reception precisely, as it is an imperative aspect of any wedding event. Sometimes the couple’s select diverse venues are reception and marriage. It by and large happens when the wedding is occurring in religious place such as church and temple. Making plans for the reception is not a simple, as you have to assemble different components together such as food, transportation, DJ and catering to make it a wonderful occasion. The invited guests must be provided a warm welcome when they enter the wedding reception venue or place. You can sprinkle scented water or shower flower petals on them, this will make them happy. At the same time, there are some essential components that you have to look into to make the occasion impeccable in all respects.


Have a look at the below mentioned common mistakes that are to be avoided while planning a wedding reception:-

1. Correct Arrival Time:

Clearly mention the right time related to the beginning of the reception in the marriage wedding card. At the same time, you must reach at the venue before time, rather than making your guests wait for you. Keep in mind; the guests have planned to attend your special day from their busy timetable. You have to appreciate and respect their nice gesture.


2. Giving proper sending off to the guests:

All your guests must be given a perfect send off. It might be troublesome for you to make some time out, yet it will be great if you make out time to appreciate and thank your guests.

3. Avoiding any type of Last Minute Preparation:

It is highly recommended to avoid any kind of last minute preparation related to your wedding reception. It will not solve the matter; rather it will lead to lots of chaos at the function. You can also hire a wedding planner to carry out all the activities related to your reception. In case, you are not in a position to hire wedding planner then you can assign the work beforehand to your friends or family members. Well, it is important that you check all the preparations before the wedding reception begins to enjoy the function peacefully.


4. Choosing right and genuine Vendors:

You must beforehand finalize the selection of your vendor relating to catering, venue decoration or any other by checking their credibility. It is also advisable to make a contract beforehand along with the terms and conditions for having a perfect wedding reception.

5. Always have an alternative option:

It is very much possible that the weather might spoil your special day reception. Hence, it is preferable to take some preventative measures beforehand, particularly for wedding in monsoon season.  You must also book an indoor venue along with an open venue to change the venue in case of rain or thunderstorm. This will surely help in having a wonderful wedding reception while any kind of hassle.