10 Wedding Trends that would be Huge in 2018

It is time to bid adieu to all existing wedding trends as the year is about to end and with this goodbye, welcome fresh trends for the year 2018. If you’re planning to get married this year, you must have started to hunt down all the latest, freshest and choicest wedding trends that would be huge in 2018. To ease things out, here is a list of amazing wedding trends that will be seen this year.

1. Flowers are always in trend when it comes to the wedding. This year would be no different but, with a little more focus on vessels. The eclectic mix of vintage and new pieces along with geometric shapes, colored glasses and concrete glass will be seen a lot this year. The table centerpieces would be replaced with a cluster of vases with just few flowers in it.

table centerpieces

Colored glasses

2. Metallic hues are trendy and they are here to stay. However, the classic gold, brass, and rose gold would be replaced with silver and chrome. This color combo is making a huge comeback in wedding trends 2018 and it would be a big hit.

grey wedding

3. When it comes to wedding cards for 2018, they would see a lot of metallic detailing and funky calligraphy. The muted hues of copper, silver, and chrome is going to be trendy in wedding invitation this year.

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4. Casual weddings were trendy and dominant in 2017 but, people are bidding farewell to these weddings. Couples are again going back to formal weddings. Classic tuxedos, cleaner floral and hint of sparkle with a bit of whimsical touch is a perfect idea for 2018 wedding.

wedding trends

5. When it comes to floral décor in 2018 wedding, the hanging flowers are going to make it big. The reception tables would be kept simple this year but the ceilings would receive a lot of attention. Hanging floral chandeliers are a sure hit for this season.

floral chandeliers

floral chandelierss

6. The latest wedding cards trends are sure to make your wedding guests feel excited but, they are not enough. The wedding trends 2018 suggest that couples would focus on creating an incredible experience for the guests by finding a new and unique way to entertain them.

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7. Food can really make any wedding special and unique food is on priority when it comes to wedding trends 2018. Couples want to present a new food experience to their guests that completely match up to their own personal style. Family recipes, farm-to-table dinners, and creative recipes are a big hit for 2018.


8. Alike creative recipes, desserts are also receiving a creative makeover. In 2018, the classic desserts would be replaced with ice cream sandwiches, custards, popsicles and stuff like that. This does not imply that wedding cake is going away. The cake cutting ceremony is going to be more grandeur in 2018 weddings.

classic dessert

classic wedding dessert

creative recipes

9. Destination weddings, barn weddings, and backyard weddings are a past thing now. The couples are taking a huge drift from these classic wedding venues and they are moving towards industrial looking wedding venues, which are pretty much like a blank canvas.

industrial looking venues

industrial looking venue

10. When it comes to lighting up your wedding, couples were opting for lots of lights, chandeliers, and lanterns in 2017 but, it going to change this year. Natural light and stripping things will be back. Minimalistic look with natural lighting and little bit of polished details are going to dominate the wedding trends in 2018

natural light decor