Must Read If You Plan Game of Thrones Themed Wedding!!!

Are you planning your wedding this season? Are you wondering how would you make it the most memorable day for yourself and your guests? Are you wondering about the settings, location, venue, food and other details about the wedding? If so many questions are hovering over your mind then, you must be looking for something really interesting for your wedding. So, let us tell you that themed weddings are quite a rage these days. From the Harry Potter theme to floral, star wars or music festival theme, there are so many popular wedding themes to choose from but, the wedding theme that completely stands out from all the popular themes is GOT theme for a wedding.

There are multiple reasons why GOT themed weddings are beyond perfection but, we are here with these 9 pictures that will depict the whole essence of a wonderful Game of Thrones themed wedding.

Games of Thrones inspired wedding rings adding sparks in the amazing GOT inspired ring box.

Got ring box

The best GOT wedding idea is the Groom and groomsmen flaunting their unique styles in the various kings have and characters of GOT.

Unique dressing style

Greet the stars of the wedding the bride and the groom in GOT style inspired by the greetings of seven kingdoms.

perfect bridal bouquet

The Wedding cake can also be inspired by the GOT. Use Khaleesi’s Dragon as a cake topper to be real GOT fan.

Got wedding cake

Multi-colored flowers would make a perfect bridal bouquet to suit your wedding theme.

Got inspired multi colord flowers

Design heartfelt cufflinks to pay homage to the pet names of Daenerys Targaryen’s and Khal

Got inspiredcufflinks

According to the most adorable GOT wedding idea, the bride can leave her long hairs loose and use a bridal tiara.

Long haires and bridle tiara

Let’s dine together with friends and family like the kings and queens.

Dinning table with king and queen

Get some amazing wedding photographs clicked with John snow’s pet.

John snow’s pet

With these amazing GOT inspired wedding ideas, make wonderful wedding memories forever. Do share your wedding pictures and ideas with us.