“Marriage is the one thing that every human society has in common “.  But the way of celebrations are different! No matter how inaccessible or backward the wedding is, these traditions are mandatorily a part of the wedding rituals. Some places in the world have the most bizarre wedding traditions. They seem insane but every tradition has a meaning & an emotional connection associated with it!
We have prepared a list of some of the Top Bizarre wedding traditions that are funny & will surprise you & you’ ll be forced to give thoughts to their very Logic & history .

1. Blackening the Bride: Scotland

 In Scotland to celebrate the wedding, friends and relatives of the bride put every nasty thing that you can imagine like Spoiled food, Mud, tar etc. on married couple. After that they tie her (the Bride) to a tree for an entire night. It is a belief that if the bride can handle this that means she can handle all odds related to her marriage relationship & promote a prosperous marriage. In short “blackening the bride” is a way to prepare her for any humiliation or problems that she might be face across during her marriage.


2. Marrying a Tree: India

In India some women born as mangliks (an astrological combination when mars and Saturn are both under the 7th House). AS per a local belief, a woman born as manglik is apparently thought be “Cursed”. And it’s a myth in India if a girl is manglik than she can bring omen & can be fatal for her husband. Thus, such girls / women are first ‘married’ to a tree / animal, and then re-married to a human being.


3. Avoid using toilet paper, go green: Indonesia

It’s just not the wedding day that features strange rituals, In Indonesia these Bizzare traditions are followed during entire wedding celebrations. Indonesians are not allowed to use toilet while they are on honeymoon. They are housebound at the time of Honeymoon (for three day and 2 nights). The Pair is observed by the relatives the entire night.


4. Shoe Theft: India:

In India groom is not allowed to wear shoes at the time of Pheres (Phere is the most important ritual in Indian wedding wherein the bride and groom circumambulate a consecrated fire seven times). Then the bridesmaids hide Groom’s shoes. After the ceremony is completed, the groom gets up and find his shoes missing & has to locate his shoes in order to be saved from paying a penalty (a desirable amount given to bride’s sisters as a tradition) for his shoes. However it’s not that easy as the bridesmaids hide the shoes at challenging places and demand a ridiculous sum of money in exchange for his shoes. Mostly, the Groom has no option left & has to pay the Shagun/ money for Joota Chupai – “Poor Groom” 😉


5. Kidnapping the Brides: Romania

 Romania is a beautiful eastern European Country with a unique shade of Old and new culture. People of Romania have some strange wedding customs but the best one is Kidnaping the Bride at midnight. Yes you read it Right! The belief is that if you manage to forcefully or vehemently kidnap a girl and remain her by your side for at least 2-3 days, she will legitimately be declared as your wife. 


6. Polterabend- Smashing Dishes: Germany

 If you have ever been a part of a Traditional German wedding then you must be well aware about some of the strange traditions that are carried out during the marriage celebrations.  This is an interesting one in Germany! On the wedding Eve, the Bride and groom clean all the designated shattered plates together. This is believed to bring good luck in their married life.


7. Preplanned Crying: China

 Tuija People of China take wedding day tradition to a whole new level! At the time of wedding bride’s family pretend like they are crying but in actual they practice very hard for this. Even bride has to cry for 1 hour every day before wedding as a practice session. Even her Mother and grandmother also join in the picture and so that at the time of wedding every woman is crying alongside the Bride – Giving her best crying Performance – Lol ;).


So these weird traditions are one thing but we all know that wedding is the most beautiful tradition where soul of two people is united and they lived together for the rest of life.

 The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It’s a choice you make – not just on your wedding day, but over and over again – and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife.” – Barbara de Angelis