Wedding is the union of two souls that are very much in love with each other. Although, friends, family and relatives are always present during your wedding, it is still a personal affair and that’s why you would definitely love to add a whole lot of personal touch to your wedding. While there are lot of ways to do this, the idea of using wedding stamp is an amazing idea to personalize your wedding day and here are our expert tips to do this.

If you are looking for a perfect way to give a first impression to your wedding guests, you can choose a whimsical save the date cards stamp. To match your wedding theme, you can add some details of your theme in this save the date card stamp.


Wedding stamp

Mr. and Mrs. Stamp is an ideal and classic way to personalize the envelopes of your wedding cards. With the help of this stamp you can make sure that your guests feel simply wow about it.

mr and mrs wedding stamp

What could be better than having stamps for everything on your wedding guests. Okay, you might think that it could cost you a hell lot but, the idea is not having individual stamp for each wedding wording details. In fact, one can have stamp for every individual alphabet and if it is of high quality, it can really work wonders to personalize your wedding day.


Cute bird sign wedding stamp

Individual alphabet wedding stamp

Botanical stamps are simply mesmerizing and they are easy to find. You can use this kind of stamp in a wide number of ways. This monogrammed stamp could be used to decorate your wedding invitations and stationery at your reception. You can also use this to personalize your wedding sign boards.

Cute sign wedding stamp

Monogram wedding stamp

Authentic postmark stamps are a classic and vintage way of making your wedding invitations and stationery vintage. This could add a whole lot of glamour in your stationery theme.


Authentic postmark wedding stamps

Good quotes can really make anyone’s day and you could use an amazing wedding quote to make your wedding exciting. You can either use it to decorate your save the date cards, wedding invitations or favours tags.

quotes wedding stamp

Quote wedding stamp

If you are looking for something highly trendy then, church stamp is a good idea. For a traditional wedding ceremony, this wedding stamp is a gorgeous way to personalize your wedding day.

church save the date stamp

Who says that your wedding stamps need to have some text on it. We recommend wedding stamps with cute butterflies, feathers and birds on it. This is definitely hard to resist and falling in love with this is obvious.


Feather wedding stamp

butterfly wedding stamp

If you have the intention to seriously impress the wedding guests then, you can choose luxe address stamps. This amazing stamp features modern fonts, pretty styling and gold foil to make sure that it imparts uniqueness and glory to your wedding stationery and invitations.

Foil save the date stamp

Foil wedding stamp