Colors make everyone happy and using them on wedding invitation cards is the new trend this year (2014). More and more couples are going for colorful wedding invitations and want to celebrate the most special day of their life in a unique manner. This year as per Pantone color report of 2014, various colors are making a buzz around the globe such as Paloma Gray, Sand brown, Freesia Yellow, Cayenne, Blue and many more. We are sure you must be so excited to know how these amazing color schemes for marriages this year will turn-out. Hence, to suffice your anxiety we are here to give some deep insight on various popular colors doing rounds in famous celebrity weddings. You can surely choose them for a fabulous and colorful wedding celebration:-

Color trend- sand brown

You can also give an usual look to your wedding invites by selecting sand brown color instead of white. This neutral shade has got so much potential and will set the perfect tone for your gorgeous special day festivity. It is a very uncommon color to be used in a wedding invite and will give a distinctive look to your invitation cards.

Indian wedding cards

Color Trend- Paloma

This Paloma grey has been around for many years and is a perfect one along with a designer flair that can make a nice alternative if case you don’t prefer black color. You can get playful by using this serious color by mixing it with a fanciful invitation design or pattern . It will show your understanding about colors and will surely win you accolades from your family members and friends.

Indian wedding cards

Color Trend: Cayenne

Another hot color this year for wedding invites has been Cayenne, which will add fire to your auspicious day decor. You can kick off the celebrations with the a stunning and modern letterpress invite that can hint how wonderful your modern-day marriage is going to be. Surprise everyone this year by selecting this wonderful yet amazing color.

Indian wedding cards

Color Trend:- Yellow (Freesia)

This color is again buzzing this year same as 2013 and made a great comeback. The bright yellow can increase the charm quotient as well give a boost to your style. You can always pair it with dark background designs to make a wonderful impression on your guests and to cherish such a gala event for all the years to come.

Indian wedding cards

Color Trend- Glittering blue

This year dazzling or glittering blue can surely add more love and happiness to your wedding celebration. The blue shade is vivacious without being flashy and is a surprising choice to impress your guests. If your wedding theme is also based on color blue then such type of wedding invites will surely complement the whole occasion.

Indian wedding cards

So, what are you thinking now !!!!! Time has come to select a color, which makes your wedding festivity -unique, fabulous and an evergreen one. Keep following us for more updates on wedding invitation colors……A lot more to come soon. Cheers!!!!!