5 Popular designs of Hindu Wedding Cards for Modern Hindu Weddings

Awesome, superb, splendid and marvelous are just a few adjectives that can be used to describe a traditional Hindu Weddings. And, the only explanation for so much of appreciation is the fact that most of the Hindu Weddings are grandeur with mind-blowing decoration, delicious Indian Cuisines, eye-catching fashionable dresses, astonishing Hindu wedding invitations and weeklong wedding ceremonies. And, the latest trend, which has come in fashion to add a contemporary touch to these traditional Hindu Weddings, is the ‘theme wedding concepts’. These themes based modern Hindu weddings demand some extra glamour to make them more breathtaking. One of the factors that add to the charm of these Hindu Weddings is splendid Marriage Invitation. At IndianWeddingCards, we offer mind-blowing and spectacular Hindu wedding invitation cards that can fit perfectly well in any theme of the wedding. For your convenience, we have summarised the top 5 popular designs of Hindu wedding cards for Modern Hindu Weddings to choose from:

1. Butterfly Wedding Cards

If you have a fairy tale inspired wedding theme or an Indoor garden theme for your Hindu wedding, the butterfly wedding cards will perfectly fit with these joyous themes. Designed with utter care, these beautiful Hindu invitations have the ‘theme of butterfly’ at the core to leave an everlasting impression on all your guests. You can select the cards from our various paper types and process available for your perfect marriage invitation.

Butterfly themed Hindu wedding cards-CIN-8258A

2. Peacock Wedding Cards

If your wedding is inspired by peacock color theme or floral theme, the only Hindu wedding card apt for the wedding is Peacock wedding cards. These Hindu invitations will add the right amount of elegance and grace to your modern Hindu Wedding. These cards are crafted to reflect the grace and beauty of peacock along with the image of a peacock in the center. Available in wide range of color and material, you can choose the right one for your wedding.

Peacock theme wedding cards-CD-8256H

Peacock themed wedding invitations-CD-1714

3. Odd Shaped Wedding Invites

These ones are our personal favorite due to the fact that they can be utilized for any wedding theme. If you have a fairy-tale theme, circus theme, Indoor wedding theme or any other wedding theme for your Hindu Wedding, these elegant Odd-shaped wedding invites with a little bit of customization can suit any flavor of Hindu Wedding. For your perfect marriage invitation, use the tool of customization of IndianWeddingCards on these cards and create your own wedding card.

Black Hindu wedding cards-CD-8238D

Odd shaped wedding invitation-CD-8235C

4. Paisley Invitations

Inspired by Paisley patterns, these paisley invitations can suit the Modern Hindu Weddings with the rustic theme, vintage theme or the Rajasthan theme wedding. To make these cards more apt for your wedding, you can decide the right color, size, Paisley-Pattern-Wedding-Invitations-IndianWeddingCards



Ornate-Paisley-Designs-Wedding-Invitations-IndianWeddingCardsand paper type for your Hindu wedding invitation cards. We would suggest try handmade shimmer paper with glitter printing to create magic for your wedding card. However, the choice will be entirely yours as we have vast collection to choose from

5. Box Wedding Invitations

Like odd shaped cards, these cards also perfectly fit in all the wedding themes. If you are a travel enthusiast and have planned a travel theme wedding or a Disney lover and thus planned a Disney theme wedding, you can use these beautiful Box wedding invitations in a creative manner to add a ‘Wow’ factor in your wedding invitation. You can choose bright colored embossed or a bright colored velvet paper with some light colored backdrop to create the magic in your Hindu wedding card.

Blue scroll wedding invitations CSC-5006I

Hindu wedding cards-CSC-5003B

Box invitation card-IndianWeddingCards

Choose from these elegant splendid Hindu Marriage Invitations to make your modern Hindu Wedding immemorial.