If you are getting married, then you have to do a lot of things to make it impeccable in all respects. At first you need to deal with wedding venue and other required arrangement related to the ceremony. You ought to be enthusiastic and excited for such kind of arrangements. Among all these works, choosing wedding invitations is additionally a challenging task that cannot be done in a simple manner. Some individuals say that diverse types of invites have their advantages and disadvantages. In simple term, all relies upon what you require and what is your wedding theme. This particular blog will put deep insight on some important types of wedding invitation cards that can help you in choosing the most appropriate one based on your budget and wedding theme.

IndianWeddingCards- Wedding Invitations Types

1. Engraved Kind of Wedding Cards:

These types of wedding cards can be informal as well as formal. If you utilize copper engraving, then it will give a raised impact on the wordings and will give a royal and classy look to the cards. It is characterized as a procedure of cutting a pattern on the hand surface exceptionally to create a print. This will result in the form of a decorated object for the wedding card. This is one of the most used techniques in the preparation of wedding invitation cards.

IndianWeddingCards- Engraved Wedding Invitations

2. Printed Marriage Invitation:

This is the class with which many people are familiar, as it is most commonly used cards for matrimonial ceremonies. In case, you have a large number of guests coming to the ceremony; then bulk order is secure for this purpose.  In this regard, you can include art, colors, theme and design as indicated by the wedding cards supplier. This is the least expensive approach to making a wedding invitation card.

Indianweddingcards- Printed Wedding Invites

3. Thermos-Graphed Wedding Invitations:

These marriage cards comprise of a small object, which needs to be printed on the invitations. These little particles blended with the ink will give an engrave type look at a very reasonable price. The Thermo-graphing is an extremely well-known procedure in the making of the beautiful designer wedding cards. It is important that real copper is not utilized as it will ruin the whole grace of the wedding invite.

Indianweddingcards- Thermographed Wedding Invitations

4. Calligraphy Invitation Card:

The wedding card manufacturers that specialize in craft and art can do calligraphy work. It required a lot of time, but regarded as one of the best classes on wedding invitation cards.

Indianweddingcards- Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

5. Hand-Written Wedding Invitation:

A once in a while utilized formula that is tedious and requires lots of money. Due to this reason, very few couples order cards made by hands, and it is dangerous as well because if anything goes wrong then cards need to be re-done.

Indianweddingcards- Handwritten Wedding Invites

In a nutshell, the above-mentioned classes can be chosen by anybody based on the requirement and budget. It is very important to keep in mind the wedding theme while choosing any of the above-mentioned wedding invite class.