Have you got your dream wedding card booked yet that will surely grab the guests’ attention, as well as sets the right tone for your marriage? Wait!! Before placing the order for your wedding cards, there is one significant detail that you can’t ignore. That will be, your wedding invitation wordings. Just like as wedding colors and flower designs that you select, your wedding wordings & fonts give a personal appeal to your guests. For example, a script font symbolizes the formality, elegance and possibly traditional grace to the wordings. The block fonts give a modern and clean look in their plain form while others might give a classy style or vintage look. And at the same time, do not forget to think of font combination that can draw attention to your names in the wedding cards wordings. After all, you will be the center of attraction for this special day, right?

Wedding Invitation Wordings

To make it easier, I am going to suggest you some wonderful tips that will help you to give personal appeal to your wedding cards with wedding wordings & fonts:-

Select the right Font– Selecting the correct font for your elegant wedding invitations is surely a cool thing. With lots of diverse colors, sizes, and styles, to select from, this can be regarded as the most artistic feature of your wedding card wording. You must remember to pick a font that not only effectively replicates your desired marriage theme, but also matches to your wedding’s general pattern esthetic.

Wedding Cards Wordings

Choose the correct Words- Selecting the right wording is possibly the most vital forethought when you try to design your wedding invitations. It is a known fact that you will always desire that your guests must know that you honestly wish their presence on your big day. The wordings on the invitations and other stationery items will largely depend on who is going to invite the guests, will it be the groom and the bride or the wannabe couples’ parents. It is highly important for you to include all the required details relating to the occasion, such as location, date and time. It is also necessary to keep the wedding invitations wording concise and simple to warmly all your guests for attending the matrimonial ceremony.

Wedding Invitation Wordings

Proofread the selected wordings thoroughly– The best person who knows how the groom and bride’s family names are spelled along with the date, time, and venue’s address is going to you. It does not matter how expert and professional wedding card provider is, you have to proofread all your sample wedding invitations and ask for any necessary edits that required in the wedding invitation wording.


I hope the tips mentioned above and ideas offered by me will surely help you out in finding the right wedding wordings & fonts that can provide a personal appeal to your wedding invitation cards.