How To Plan An Eco Friendly Marriage – 6 Tips That Can Help You Out

You are already living in an eco-conscious life style, so it’s not a wonder that you want an eco-friendly wedding. Fortunately, we have something to help the new bride and groom for this eco-friendly big day. So we start with very first and significant event of your big day – the Engagement!


1. Engagement

Go for recycled gold, it may take a little probing but there are companies out there that work exclusively with recycled gold. Or Collect your old rings and melt them into one, incredibly meaningful piece of jewelry.

ecofriendly rings

2. Wedding Invitation

If You like to be a little Innovative then you can go with Plane Table Card. These are Invitations with seed rooted in the paper. And the paper is recyclable. But this is not the only possibility; there is a wide-range of Recycle Wedding Card market. Also, if you wish then you can prefer a wedding website to announce your wedding.

Ecofriendly wedding invitations

3. Choose an Eco-Friendly Venue:

Look for a Space conferring to your necessity, like an art gallery, a botanical garden or else you can also prefer an Attractive outdoor Natural Place. It can be a fantastic & budget friendly idea plus it will also reduce the Cost of flowers

ecofriendly wedding venue

4. Wedding Dress:

If you think about it, honestly, it’s a waste of resources mainly money, on somewhat you will only wear once or maximum twice in your life. So pick something that you can wear often on regular parties & functions so that it is not only kept packed in your wardrobe & also the cost spent on dress can be justified.  However, since a wedding dress is usually expensive so it will be obviously reflect your status style.

Ecofriendly wedding dress

5. Decoration ideas

In Decorations, you have huge options such as you can use Bamboo in your decorations. It’s a great alternative for modern & eco-friendly decorations.


6. Food:

Feeding your guests is a way to show your appreciation for their attendance, so consider serving organic food and wine at the reception. Organic foods tend to cost more, so it will upsurge your wedding cost a little bit but if you will a thought to this then it seems to be an inordinate idea at the cost of nature.


7. Favors:

Give edible favors such as fruit gift hampers, as kind of favors will be Useful as well recyclable. Plus they will not cause any harm to the “Mother Nature “.
So, these were some of the options to make your Green Wedding that extra special & fun, memorable & inspirational. We hope that these eco-friendly Ideas will help in your green wedding. But it’s your big day so have the entire freedom to do what you love to make this day very big & memorable for you.