Valuable tips to make a delicious and wonderful wedding Cake

The wedding cake has always been the centerpiece to every reception, but still people mess up with it. The cake is an imperative accessory for every wedding function. You can always select a cake based on the bridal theme or based on the decor used for your wedding venue. You can have a cake that goes without fondant or frosting around the side layers of the cake and making the inside layers of the cake giving a full display. At the same time, you can also add on creative embellishments, fillings and garnishes on the top of the cake to make it more attractive and fantastic.

There are various ways to make your wedding cake tasty and eye-catching. Have a look at the below mentioned tips for the same:-

Add garnishes to the cake:

One of the best way is to add fresh flowers, fruits or simply put a dust of powdered sugar to make it delicious. If you are a real dessert aficionado then choose garnish of pecan crunch, chocolate chips, cookie crumbs or coconut flakes. You can also complete the whole look with a cake topper, and surely your guests will like this culinary and visual delight.

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Exhibit those fillings:

After you cake is frosted, the fillings can have a full display, so it will fulfill your desire to show the delicious layers to all your guests. At the same time, if you have a craving for any color, maybe rainbow frosting, lemon curd or strawberry jam. To make a more better approach, try out cookies with cream frosting, chocolate butter cream or cheesecake filling. Also try to mix and match different flavors by including a white sponge cake layered along with chocolate butter cream. You can also mix it with a salted pretzel tier having salted pretzel crumbs.

Indian wedding cards, Wedding Cake

Try out a square cake:

You will always see round cakes, but have you ever thought who said to have only round wedding cakes. The time has come to try something new by making a cake in square shape. You can layer it with some seasonal berries and can also use a personalized cake topper to make it more beautiful, yet delicious.

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Try to have fun with it:

For every bride and groom wedding cake gives an opportunity to show their creativity. So, the time has come to show the whole world that your marriage cake is the best and is the epitome of a happy treat. You can try colored marshmallows or layer of chocolate chip frosting to add more attractive look to it. A cake with lot of color will surely make your guests happy and glee.

Indian wedding cards, Wedding Cake

So, you can utilize the above mentioned tips to make a wonderful wedding cake and win accolades from your friends and family members. It will also help in making the whole event memorable for all the years to come.