Searching through leaves of our parents wedding collection, we watch how matrimonial ceremonies of the past clutch the certainty of moderate approach regarding venue decoration. Canvases hang in the display with colors according to the theme, making an entire new foundation for the event. Medieval, Victorian and Roman, theme weddings were extremely mainstream. With passage of time, the theme based marriages have experienced a radical change. Have a look at various new types of themes such as:

• Arabian-style wedding Theme
• Beach side wedding theme
• A whimsical Wedding style
• Hollywood Glamor wedding Theme
• Revolving stage theme based wedding
• Harry potter wedding theme

Arabian style wedding– An Arabian style marriage with “pirates” and “belly dancers” will make it distinguishing from other ordinary ceremonies. Waiters will be dressed like “pirates” serving dishes from the succulent barbeque. The bride and groom can be in classical attire different from the groomsmen and bridesmaid, giving it a regal look. The entire marriage venue will be decorated with paintings similar to Moroccan marquees.

Indian wedding cards, Arabic Wedding

Beach side wedding theme– Selecting a beach is the most significant option in a theme based wedding. Beach dress selection is the eventual aim to feel stunning as well as relaxed. For bridegroom a suit in watery color and for the bride a floral gown with a seashells or flower on the hairs. The whole beach will be decorated with corals, flowers and seashells making it exceptional and chandelier look flower pots can be hanging on the trees.

Indian wedding cards, Beach Side Wedding

Hollywood Glamor wedding theme– Every individual wants to look like a movie star. A new trend which is getting popular is Hollywood glamor wedding theme, wherein the bride and groom are dressed as per the theme of the motion picture. Satin can be the classic choice for fabric of the dress and chandelier earrings is a necessity for the event.

Indian wedding cards, Hollywood Glamor wedding

Revolving stage theme– The 5 or 6 feet stage above the ground, which is powered by electricity, revolves once in one or two minutes and with continuation for half an hour to one hour. It has two separate staircases, for the groom and bride respectively, decorated with marvelously designed with colorful flowers.

Indian wedding cards, Revolving stage theme

Harry potter wedding theme – The entire wedding venue is divided into 4 houses of the Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. The bride and groom are dressed like harry potter and other characters of the movie. It also includes serving the guests with beer from a place made as Hog’s Head Pub and giving out specially designed magic wands.

Indian wedding cards, Harry potter wedding theme

At this point you might also be thinking which kind of theme to select for your special day, well the best way is to decide is by talking to your fiance with preliminary discussion keeping in mind your budget along with every important detail making out the ordinary issues with respect to your celebration of dream wedding. Another important tip:- Your wedding theme will require a theme based wedding card, which is very much available at