Wedding Hairstyle Trends for 2014

Everyone at the time of wedding is busy in guest list, music, dress, wedding venue and even sometimes at the dressing style of the groom. But people usually forget about having a perfect wedding hairstyle. Whether you have long hairs or short ones, you can always try something new on the most auspicious day of your life. Have a look at some of the famous wedding hairstyles which are creating buzz all across the globe and brides are looking to have a perfect one on the special day of their life.


Like all that you have thought for on your special day, you need your hair to be almost as great. This ‘do is superbly simple and exquisite. Long straight hair will be pulled back and will be tied with a basic natural string, with the braid consummately twisted for a flawless however voluminous look. The groom will see only your cheerful and brilliant face, to make for a lovely wedding.

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The Bouffant Ballet Bun

This exquisitely tousled up-do will have your bridegroom to be and your visitors stunned and for this you can have a pretty ribbon or shimmering jewel headband on the base of the hair and is the ideal edge for your faultlessly beautiful face.

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Lustrous Mermaid

Wearing your glimmering white wedding dress and sparkling shoes, you will be very happy go lucky with this vivacious hairdo. Best suited for a sunny shore or nature-motivated wedding, this haircut shouts the free and simple in you. Simply envision your groom’s face as the refreshing sea breeze stirs through your beautiful hairstyle.

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Pixie Poses

For those with straight to the point bolts, this capturing ‘do is strong yet female, telling your groom that you love him. Chivalrous and sentimental with wispy fluffy closures, this striking short-do is supplemented with a silver or gold headband with ruby red lips, for an essentially extraordinary look.

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The Bo-Ho-Do

You can look at any lovely Bohemian lady for having such a wonderful hairdo. A straightforward center part with long falling twists will send your husband to be frail at the knees. This style works best on spouses with medium to long hair. Furthermore keep in mind this hairstyle has sweet botanical wreath for a genuinely delicate and sentimental feel.

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Midsummer Night’s Style

This stunning hairstyle infers pixies, backwoods and erratic fantasies! With a scrambling of blooms as an afterthought, this ‘do is a shocking blending of cool and class for any type of casual wedding. Impeccably complimented with a delicate streaming outfit and delicately sun-kissed skin.

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Tying-the-Knot Knot

Fantastic charm. Basic appeal. Timeless excellence. Surprise your wedding gathering with this incomprehensibly elegant hairstyle. Easily cleared go into a detached yet conveniently tousled chignon, this hairdo keeps things cool and easy yet gives you sophistication.

So, time has come that you can try out any of the above hairstyle on the special day of your life and impress your bridegroom for all the years to come.