Beautiful heartfelt wedding of Alex & Emma with Timeless Memories


Alex and Emma met at high school and have now been together for 9 years. They always wanted to make their own house and to get married after that. It is indeed a very beautiful though to have a special house filled with memories which can be cherished forever. Alex and Emma engaged in December 2012, but Alex wanted to wait until Emma’s birthday, so that he can gift her beautiful house and to get married soon after that.

The best part was everything went as per the planning and on 11 January 2013 which was the birthday of Emma; he gifted her house and asked her to think about a specific wedding theme, so that they can have their wedding as per the liking of Emma. But, she had no specific choice and later on they decided to have a beautiful wedding at the garden which was near to their newly built house. Both Alex and Emma were so happy about the whole marriage thing.

The bride Emma bought her dress from a bridal shop suggested by her best friend Laura. She always liked lace dresses, and she chose a white dress with laces. She bought her shoes from her father’s shoe factory which were pink in color and had gold scalloped edges.

She told her father about the design she saw in one of the bridal magazine and instantly fell in love with the design. Alex always wanted a classic groom suit, so he decided to buy his suit from his best friend Paul’s shop which had exclusive collection of Reid & Taylor and bought brown color shoes from an store of men wear shoes.

Alex and Emma told the bridesmaids that they could select any dress in any color so that they look perfect on the special day. Alex’s sister, Rochelle wore a beautiful dress in pale pink and Emma’s sister Julia selected a dress which complemented the dress of her sister Emma.

wedding couple

Alex’s best man, Brian selected a dark green suit along with a pair of shoes he picked from Paul’s shop. The wedding ceremony took place in a small church in West Sussex which was attended by 85 guests. Alex’s best friend, Paul arranged for the two layer wedding cake as a gift from his family. The photographer was Brian’s classmate Chris, who was working in a professional wedding photograph boutique. The reception took place in the beautiful garden next to their newly built house. The evening was celebrated with a live band providing the evening entertainment and good food along with the booze. It was really a great wedding of two close friends since their high school days. Cheers!