Popular wedding cake trends of 2013


Selecting a perfect wedding cake is one of the most important decisions for your marriage function as it shows your amount of effort and time spends to pick a beautiful & perfect cake for the event. Your wedding cake can be uniquely designed keeping in mind the theme of your marriage and in particular keeping in mind the budget which you can spend on your cake. At the same time, various popular trends are making new and can you a design inspiration for your wedding cake.

  1. A new concept of cake known as naked cakes are emerging as a popular wedding cake trend and these type of don’t have a external layer to show off their filling and create a unique look for your marriage function. Usually, these types of naked cakes are less sweet in comparison to the standard cake with no icing at all or with less icing. A naked wedding cake is often designed with flowers and will usually be less layered. A naked cake can be a good choice for wedding guests that might prefer to have less sugar and can be custom designed with many different types of cake flavors and fillings.


  1. Another type of which is evergreen and which is the standard design for a wedding cake. It is a simple classic design with white fondant and rose decor covering the entire marriage cake. But in 2013, trends have emerged with more elaborate designs, but still this basic design has remained popular easy to make and as it is affordable. Such type of cakes have a design which features a monogram, and sometimes the color of the cake is changed according to the wedding theme where in it can have a light shade of pink or warm colors like yellow, orange or red. At the same time, edible flowers are the main feature of the standard wedding cake including hydrangeas or edible roses.


  1. One more trend in wedding cake which is gaining immense popularity is the damask wedding cakes and this type of cakes feature an elaborate design that is usually topped off with edible flowers or blossoms. For damask wedding cake various types of designs can be selected from various types of patterns which are available in the market and are customizable to make it within your budget. The damask design is best for the square cakes to maintain the proper orientation of the symmetry and patterns.


Hope, the above mentioned list of new trends will help you in deciding the best cake for your marriage ceremony. So, select the cake based on your theme and budget for have perfect wedding celebration.