It is not possible for every guest to attend a wedding ceremony, there will be reasons for that but that doesn’t mean he or she have to miss the whole event. A new phenomenon is gaining popularity i.e. broadcasting wedding event online. I think it is really a good idea and it makes everyone to enjoy the marriage occasion. According to a survey, the live broadcasting of wedding online has gone two fold from the year before, showing signs of more increase in demand in coming years.

It can be said that it really makes sense because it allows all the people who are absent during the event. For instance can be sick grandmother, pregnant cousin, bankrupt college friend or even a close relative who is in another country for work. The online broadcast of wedding allows them to witness the marriage and it solves the problem of short attendance to the whole event. There are various options available to choose from to broadcast it online.

The first option can be via using Skype, which enables free streaming of the whole event to your loved ones, but for this option you need to have a high speed internet connection because if the connection is slow it will hang the video streaming causing lot of anger in you and your loved ones.

At the same time various companies provide streaming service at a nominal cost.  If you look at the prices it starts from free to $800, depending on the duration of the wedding event. It can also be beneficial in reducing your wedding budget as it always cost more for meal and drinks then giving live streaming of the wedding function.


Another option can be you can hire a professional videographer who offers full service live-streaming packages which includes technicians, an email invitation for guests, equipment, personal website, and regular reminders to the people watching the whole function and many more.

At the same time, it is very important that all the guests who are not able to attend the event must be aware of the webcast of your event. It can be done by posting the information about it on your social networks like Facebook, twitter etc. and also on your wedding website. You can also allow comments and well wishes from your loved ones in order to make the whole event successful. So, be tech savvy and try on online broadcasting of your wonder big day to make it memorable for lifetime.

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