Beach themed wedding

Thalassophile is someone who loves the beach. If that someone is you, and if you’re planning your wedding, there isn’t a venue as perfect as the seashore itself! With the soft sounds of waves crashing at the seashore, the golden sunshine, the seagulls screaming in the background, gentle breeze blowing your hair away and your feet kissing the sand, a beach themed wedding by the seaside is a scenic view in itself.

Exchange your vows facing the infinite ocean, radiating with so much positivity. The waves are almost literally wishing you good luck! Read below to find out how you can revamp an ordinary wedding into a kick ass beach themed wedding!

A Sea-Inspired Wedding Invitation

A sea-inspired wedding invitation

Let’s go with the wedding trends and begin a theme wedding with a beach themed wedding invitation cards! A plain white base with a calming blue italics font is just perfect! Embellish the borders and corners with some colorful corals and you’re good to go.

The Breezy Decor

At a beach themed wedding, you have to arrange for the right decor too. Candle holders shaped like wavy corals and star fish wall hangings are some great choices. A white tablecloth bordered with sea wave print, spread across the table will be an elegant match! If you’ve planned on a bridal arch, you can doll it up with little fairy lights. This will be an illustrious wedding idea to light up the wedding during the evening! For a day ceremony, decorate the arch with colorful flowers to add some more color to your wedding!

Cool Colors

Cool Color For Beach Wedding

Given the light hearted aura of the seaside, keeping your color tones limited to mild shades will be the best idea. Soft blues, pinks and peaches paired with the always-in-fashion white will be easy on the eyes and right on the vibes!

The Dress According to Beach Themed Wedding

A beach themed wedding is synonymous with being carefree. So choose a dress code that is not so demanding during the wedding at the beach. A summer one-piece dress will be a good choice. Play with the pastels but don’t pick anything that’s too flashy or contradicts the overall relaxing aura. For the gentlemen, black tuxedos with pastel colored shirts and a bow-tie will work just well!

A Fish Cut Gown for the Bride, Please

Fish Cut Gown

If it’s a beach themed wedding, why shall the bride lag behind? A dazzling white fish cut gown with a gorgeous trail will be nothing less than a dream outfit! Wait until the guests mistake you for a fish fairy!

A Fishnet Veil

The bride has to be the center of attraction and that calls for ditching the regulars! A fishnet veil in lieu of the regular net veil will be the excellent match.

A Pearl Ring Box

Pearl Ring Box

Was day-dreaming about your wedding your favorite hobby as a child? If yes, this remarkable idea will making it nothing less than a dream! Substitute your traditional maroon ring box with a classic pearl shell box. Your ring will be safe in the new home!

No Footwear

Let’s ditch the shoes for a while and feel the touch of the sand on our gentle feet! Organize a corner (carefully labelled), exclusively for stacking up all the footwear. Roaming around barefoot on the sand has numerous health benefits and it is a witty way to keep your guests from taking their sand-stuffed shoes home!

A Minty, Chilled Drink

A minty, chilled drink

No matter how cool the weather is, a beach themed wedding can be a disaster as the moisture content in the atmosphere can shoot up anytime. So a chilled fruit punch, dashed gorgeously with mint will be a refreshing start for the guests.

The Mighty Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake should be as beautiful as your wedding venue! A plain white fruit cake topped with wriggly corals made with icing with be an absolute treat for the eyes!

Cutlery Inspired by the Sea

A beach themed wedding definitely calls for everything to be in perfect sync with the theme. And in that case, why shall we go for the regular circular plates and saucers? Plates shaped like a fish and knives, forks and spoons with a fish tail hand will be a classic match to your theme!

Food, Food, Seafood

Sea Food

A beach themed wedding without seafood is an incomplete wedding! Save yourself from committing this gruesome sin and add exotic seafood delicacies like seared scallops, grilled tuna, lemon garlic butter shrimp with breads and rice.

Wedding Favors

A beach themed wedding provides a wonderful opportunity to gift your guests unique favors. Choose your favorite sea animal (it could be a sea horse, jelly fish, star fish, even octopus!) and get wooden ornaments.

Sand Play

Sand play

The favorite thing that pulls the kids (and even some grownups) to the beach is the sand castle art! Reserve a corner at the venue for kids to have a gala time playing with sand and making sand castle. Plus, this will allow the adults to have some time to themselves and enjoy with their friends!

Exclusive Photos

More than the wedding, it is the photos that we look forward to! After all, there must be something to flaunt to our Instagram family too, right? The blue waters of the ocean and the golden yellow sand make a beautiful backdrop. If there are some palm trees to our advantage, the green of the leaves shines the brightest against the blue and gold and pulls out some great shots! Get ready to get your hands on the best pictures of the wedding!

Variety of Seats

Variety of seats

You can actually get all the feels of being on the beach and have dual seating. The traditional chairs and tables and beach chairs for those who want to dig their feet right in the sand! Don’t forget the umbrella with the beach chairs.

Alter the Aisle

Leave the carpet and let the aisle be uncovered for now. Line it with little potted plants for all the aesthetics. Tip: Walk up the aisle facing the sea so that when you exchange the rings and your vows, the picturesque sea fills up the backdrop.

Happy wedding!