Breaking common myths regarding wedding invitation cards

Planning a wedding is arduous and choosing a wedding invitation is even more churning. Red or turquoise, foil print or letterpress, textured or marbled. If these words spin around your head, then we know that you’re designing your wedding invitation. Your wedding invitation is a medium to tell your guests about yourself. It is a small window to your big day. This is why, it is up to you to color it purple or white, emboss the wordings or letterpress it. Your wedding invitation is a mini ‘you’. So here we burst the prominent myths about wedding invitation cards because rules are meant to be broken.

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Wordings of the wedding invitation should be formal: People still believe that the wordings of the wedding invites have to be top-notch formal. Are you inviting them to your wedding or a military camp? ‘You are cordially invited to join us as we tie the knot.’ A BIG no! It is not an official conference but a joyful, informal wedding. So break the wall and cut the formality. It is seen that guests feel homely when the invitation is addressed informally. Be clear, crisp and colloquial. Use humor, joke a little. It attracts people. Through your wedding invite, your guests should know that they’re going to have a fun-filled time.

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White is ‘the’ color of the wedding invitation: Well, no. No doubt that white looks royal and gives your wedding invitation an imperial look. The colors pop out well, the design looks immaculate and the words sharpen. But the white background is prone to becoming dull with time as dust and moisture sticks on it. So, we are all for colors other than the good old white. Black looks bold and exotic. Gold and silver ink (literally) shines on black background. Dark variants such as pulsating purple and coral blue are unique choices. Play around with the colors and show your colorful self through your colorful wedding invitation!

Uniform paper of the wedding invitation: Another popular belief about wedding invitations is that the full invitation should be uniform in terms of the type of paper. However, that’s not true. Mixing and matching is the new vogue. Are you a stickler for handmade wedding invitations but it weighs too heavy on your pocket? Here is a fix – use your favorite paper for the front and cheaper variants for inner inserts. This way, you will have your favorite paper and save yourself from burning a hole in your pocket. 

Always addresses the guests as ‘plus one’: This is another major misconception about wedding invitations. Inviting your guests’ better halves is considered morally right and courteous. If you miss the plus one tag, your guests will bombard you with eye rolls. But what if they are not married yet? Whom are you going to add on then? So, the truth is, it is NOT mandatory to add the plus one tag. Your wedding should be open to your unmarried friends too. Why should your married friends have all the fun?

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The bride’s family’s name as the host: In olden days, gender equality was not much heard of and the wedding expenditure was primarily borne by the bride’s father. This is why it was imperative to include both hosts name on the wedding invitation cards. But now, times have changed. Both men and women have equal say in what they do. Moreover, now couples are fending for their wedding. They are no longer dependent on their parents for their wedding expenditure. They are independently making decisions that concern their lives. So, busting this myth, wedding invitations now are RSVP’d only in the names of the bride and the groom.

Addresses the invitees formally in the wedding invitation cards: Another myth around wedding invitation cards is to restore the formality and extend it to your circle of friends. Well, are they even your friends then? We think not. So bust the myth right here and address your friends without any imposition. Let it come naturally to you so that there is no coercion. Use their nicknames or your secret names that you use to call each other. Add a personalized note or photograph that will take your loved ones down the memory trip. Drop the seriousness. Pick up the mood. Give a virtual wink to your friends ‘coz they’ll be there for you!

Takes the ‘written word’ seriously: We are deeply swooned by the written word that we neglect other forms of communications. So, we bust this myth too. You don’t have to rely on the written word to say everything. Especially in your unique wedding cards, there are million other creative mediums to tell your story. A caricature is the talk of the town. If you have a soft corner for the arts, there’s nothing cuter than your cartoons in your wedding invitation to tell your story in your style. It is something out of the box and perfects to get yourself a home in your guests’ minds.

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Florals are permanent: To begin with, there’s nothing permanent in this world let alone florals wedding invitations. They look elegant and enhance the indigenous design but they are not all that is in store. When floral designs are used over and over again, wedding invitation cards become monotonous. The unique element is lost and your story is lost in the crowd. So it is important to juggle with what’s popular and display your style in your wedding invitation. If you love Indian designs, the Paisley print is a perfect choice. If you are into numbers and figures, geometric patterns form an excellent background. 

No paper, no wedding invitation cards:  The world thrives on paper (hello, bureaucrats). But if pro-climate change and the environmentalist in you burns when a paper is wasted, then online wedding invitations are the best alternative. It saves paper and reduces waste. Moreover, it is easier to store soft copies of wedding cards on phones, makes them more accessible and easy to carry. The colors appear more saturated and persons with vision issues can zoom in to read the smaller font.

Here ends the list of some unconventional myths about wedding invitations. Planning a wedding might be a heck of a job, but wedding invitations wont be anymore. The trick to bust every myth that comes your way is to be creative and instill your personal touch in between the leaflets and inserts of your wedding invitation. Unique wedding invitations tell your extraordinary story in extraordinary ways. So the key here is to identify your ‘Special K’. 

Happy wedding!