While planning for your big day, we’re sure you will take great care of your wedding card, guest list, venue, decorations, wedding favors, wedding dresses, etc. But did you know that there are various types of papers used for wedding invitations? Well, now you do. Each paper type is made with classic raw materials and undergoes a unique technological procedure. Let us now have a look at some amazing paper types widely used in wedding invitations.

Paper Wedding Cards

Handmade paper: If you’re concerned about adding your share of waste to the environment, then this is the paper for you. Handmade paper, as the name suggests is made by hand using eco-friendly raw materials such as cotton silk and agro waste, like sugarcane waste, bark fibers or jute waste. It uses a mold which is covered by a flat-screen called deckle. The handmade paper gives a rough and rugged look to your wedding invitation which is exotic.

Home made paper

Marble paper: Marble art is in vogue these days and the internet is flooded with a number of DIY art projects flaunting the extravagant art. Marble paper is a textured paper, embellished with marble art designs. these designs are made essentially by pouring acrylic paints onto the paper to create mesmerizing abstract designs.

Parchment paper:  because you’re the old soul, old school type, then this is the best choice for your wedding invitation. This moisture- and water-resistant paper is the ideal choice for a scroll wedding invitation. A clear choice for someone who has always longed for a royal wedding. so the method of production is similar to that of tracing paper. Sheets of paper pulp are bathed in sulphuric acid or zinc chloride. This is what gives it a unique finish!

Wedding Invitation

Recycled paper: Environmental protection is the regime of the modern world and if you’re a trend-setter yourself, this is the paper for you. Recycled paper is similar to handmade paper but there’s a slight difference. The former is specifically made from used paper and paper materials, however, the latter is made by hand. So there’s a difference in the technique. Recycled paper is a little tougher and harder than other paper and is perfect to keep your wedding invite sturdy.

Linen paper: Yes! You heard it right. Linen paper is the paper made from linen fabric. Owing to its great texture, linen paper is rustic and feels rugged when touched. Colors bloom to their fullest when printed because the paper absorbs them. This gives the wedding invitations a rich look! It is an ideal choice if you’re an art lover as the card looks almost like a mini canvas!

linen wedding paper

Cotton fiber paper: Yes, this is linen paper’s close cousin! Cotton paper is a 100% eco-friendly alternative to chlorine-infused highly processed paper. It is feathery to touch and lasts long (in case you want to preserve your wedding invitation to show it to your grandkids) just like a cotton fabric. It is a perfect base for wedding invitations infused with colors because cotton fibers absorb the color and make them look absolutely pretty!

Glossy paper: This is our favorite kind of paper. As its name goes, the glossy paper has a gloss finish which saturates the colors. It’s easy on the eyes and feels soft to touch. It can be an ideal choice for wedding invitations with photographs because the colors stand out and look gorgeous. Also, if you’re an absolute admirer of paisley, it makes up for an ideal base for paisley wedding invitations because of the sharpness in print.

Wedding Invitations

Pearlescent paper: As its name goes, this paper is a dreamier version of your wedding invitation. It has a subtle sparkling touch which makes the wedding invite sparkle and shimmer. It is ideal for use with a solid color ink because the shine on the paper already compensates for the glow.

Matte paper: Yes, just like your favorite matte cosmetics, there is matte paper. It is glossy paper’s long lost cousin because it lacks the luster that glossy paper has. The matte paper looks like a regular white-colored paper which is why is not very appealing at first glance. The colors seem a little dull and less vibrant. But if you’re someone who goes with the regulars, then this is the perfect choice for you!

Wedding Invitations

Vellum paper: So this is what tracing paper’s cousin looks like. Vellum paper is made from an exotic blend of cotton and wood pulp. Long back, it was made from calfskin. It is soft to touch, thin and translucent. It is ideal for use as a cover over solid-color wedding cards.

Glassine paper: If glossy paper and tracing paper had a child, this is what it will be. Glassine paper is air-, water- and grease-resistant. It is made by a process called supercalendering. In this, the finished dried paper is rolled through cylinders that are coated with steel and fibers. It helps to press the paper fibers firmly in place. It is ideal for a see-through element in your floral wedding invitations.

Hard cardstock: Also called as board paper, this sturdy material is made up of three layers of paper. This tri-layer thickness keeps it firm. sending wedding invites through the mail is an good idea as the rough and tough hard card is resistant to being bent during the journey.

Wedding Invitations


Here comes the end to our recommended list of the types of papers used for wedding invitation cards. No matter what design or printing technique you choose for your wedding invite, the kind of paper always (and always) make your wedding invitations stand out from the crowd. Coordinate your wedding invitations with your wedding theme and watch your wedding card doing wonders! For example, for an Indian theme wedding, an Indian wedding invitation card printed on parchment paper will be a heavenly combination. Get your brain cells to work and make up a unique card that reflects you. It’s your wedding, let it be according to the wedding trends of 2019.

Happy wedding!