Are you getting married soon and planning all the arrangements related to your matrimonial ceremony? Then you need to have a look at this particular blog, as this will help you out in having a perfect seating arrangement for your wedding dinner. Most likely not in proper detail! These days when the bride and groom choose the theme or color scheme for their wedding, they imagine about the different components that relate to their final reception, and the most important part is the table arrangement. But, it’s also important to give proper attention to flowers, lighting, and decoration of the whole venue. Whether you are having a lavish affair or an intimate party, the seating arrangement for the wedding dinner can really add more glamour to the whole venue.


Arranging seats for your wedding guests might sound like a simple assignment; however, this might be one major problem till the wedding function is over. A lot of attentive planning is important to make sure that your marriage guests are fully comfortable with the next person sharing the table with them.  In order to make your task easier, here are a few tips to consider at the time of planning the wedding seating arrangement:-

  • The closet, chairs & tables – It is obvious that the tables nearest to the bridal table will be the most special, so while organizing the table and seating, placing, it’s vital to allocate all these tables to the closest family members and friends of the bride and groom.


  • Mix the groups- In a case in your wedding ceremony, the most of the guests belong to different family groups then you are having a balance by arranging the tables based on the people’s age and interest. You have to make sure that nobody ends up sitting isolated and alone.

  • Consider singling: It known facts that guests who are coming with partners will surely seat together. But in the case of singles, you must plan out a seating chart wherein matchmaking can be a great idea. At the same time, you can’t force unknown people to sit together. So, never make a single table only for singles.

  • Female/Male seating: In case, you are going for round tables, then the actual seating arrangement will have females and males sitting alternately all around the tables. If you are using long tables, then the couple can sit on opposite directions.


  • Place cards: It is highly important that you utilize the place cards by clearly mentioning the names of the invited guests. It will surely help them in finding their seats very easily and quickly.


  • Last but the least, you can also go for open seating wherein your guests are allowed to choose their own seat. But, you have to make sure that an adequate number of people or representatives are available at the venue to guide them.

So, the above mentioned tips can surely help you in planning a wonderful seating arrangement for your wedding dinner.