The weddings will always standout amongst the other events that you experience and attend. Indeed, for an every bride and groom their wedding holds an extraordinary importance in their heart. It involves lots of planning to have a perfect marriage and one of the important aspects is choosing flowers for a wedding. But how about making flowers for your own wedding function, is not a great idea. The main advantage of DIY flowers is it makes your wedding look distinctive from other couples and it also saves a lot of money that can be used for other important element in the wedding celebration.


So, have a look at various steps that will help you with DIY (Do it yourself) Flowers for a perfect matrimonial festivity.

Step 1: Make a decision about what kind of flowers you desire to make use of & begin searching them at your place as well as over the internet. Ideally you can go for five bridesmaid’s bouquets.

bridesmaid bouquet

Step 2: You have to buy different types of vases to hold the flowers. The kind of container you prefer will show what amount of effort is needed to put them all together. There are various sorts of options like heart set on golden bowls and much more to add a beautiful look to the flower arrangement. You also have to buy wet foam to give them a perfect shape in the vases.


Step 3: You need to order the blossoms at least 2 to 3 days before your wedding function. Ideally you order a big bunch of greenery, roses, mini hydrangea or flowers of your choice to fill all the vases that you have purchased.

Step 4: You have to buy some beautiful flower, DIY essentials, maybe like buckets to keep the flowers after they arrive at your place and also shears to cut the flowers in a perfect shape.

Step 5:  After the flowers arrive at your need to water them for a day and requires to be kept in a safe place out of the reach of children as they might damage them.

Step 6: You have to unwrap all the flowers from the boxes and let them hydrate. The flower boxes have instructions inside them that you will have to follow cautiously.

Step 7: Now you have waited at least 12 hours in order to hydrate flowers before cutting all of them for arrangements. In case you have ordered the roses, they will be delivered in the form of buds and will require you to hydrate them as to open up them will require some time. The main aim has to make them look bigger on your special day.


Step 8: After hydration, you have to arrange the flowers in all the vases you have ordered. It is too much fun in DIY your marriage flowers. So, follow these steps and have a wonderful special day to cherish for eternity.