Important Tips To Simplify The Wedding Guest List

Are you getting married? Great! Who all are invited? We know that you want to invite all your loved ones to your celebration. But, is it really possible for you to send wedding invitation cards to everyone? In an ideal scenario, we cannot invite everyone because; the budget is something that counts. So, who all should be invited and who should not be invited?wedding-guest

Set a number

When you are doing the wedding planning, you should fix the number of guests to be invited. You cannot go with any random number of guests and you cannot invite each and everyone to your big day. Before setting the numbers, you should make sure that the number of guests to be invited does not impact your budget and venue at all.

Equal guests from both families

When you have fixed the number of guests to be invited to your wedding, make sure that you invite an equal number of guests from both the families. You cannot invite more guests from one family and less from others. Equality will ensure that no one feels bad at all from any family.

Consider parents guest list

Of course, this is your big day but, your parents will definitely give you Wedding Guest List Tips for your wedding. You should consider their list before making the final list yourself. Incorporate their friends and close ones too. However, you need not to include those who are not familiar with you personally. Other than that, you need not to include those whom you have not met in past six months.

List the priority

The first thing is to make a wedding guest list. Once, you start making the list, you would instantly realize that who are important and who are not? And, once your realise who are important, you should invite them only. And, if you feel that there are some people who are close to you, you can always treat them later.

Attended any wedding recently

The title itself signifies that you should invite all those who have recently invited you in their weddings. But, this does not imply that you should invite your professional friends and office colleagues to your wedding. Invite only those who are your friends and closed one.

Plus one

The best policy is to send the Wedding Invitation Cards in such a manner that one card includes the main guest and one more person per card. The best Wedding Guest List Tips suggest that you should invite a single couple per wedding card.

Children are not mandate

There are lot of couples who do not want to include children in their guest list and it is not wrong at all. You can invite the adults to your wedding and skip the children completely. The only thing that needs to be considered is the fact that if you are not inviting children of one family then, you should not invite them at all.