A wedding ceremony program booklet helps the guests to feel like a part of the whole event. The program booklet is also often referred to as a wedding bulletin, which includes all the detailed information about the groom and bride along with their family. It also gives information, which can help the guests to follow the matrimonial ceremony. It also helps in understanding the various types of ceremonies or customs performed during the marriage. By using this program booklet all the guests can participate in all the ceremonies, which are going to take place at the time of marriage. The guests can also take the booklet to their homes as a keepsake of the occasion. Hence, it becomes highly imperative for the couples to carefully make the wedding ceremony program booklet.

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Have a look at some vital tips that can be utilized for the same:-

• Provide all the basic information related to the wedding- The marriage ceremony program booklet must include the full names of the groom and date, venue, marriage time, date, city, and state where the event is going to take place. Such kind of information is basically given on the cover of the program booklet.

• List all the elements and the order of the marriage ceremony: The program booklet includes all round information about the ceremonies to be performed, which allows the guests to follow and participate in them. The booklet can list traditional elements of a marriage ceremony like the vows exchanged, procession, and much more. You have to include the names of musical performers, composers and selections. At the same time, you can provide meaning of the songs, which will be performed during the whole event. For instance, if your marriage is going to take place in a church, then the program booklet must contain the pew hymnals (songs).

• You can give suitable explanations for all the cultural and religious customs, rituals and traditions to be followed in the event. You can write a brief explanation, including the background and history of the ritual and why it is important to your community. For instance, why the hands of the bride are painted with henna (Mehendi).

• Including personal information about the groom and bride- The program booklet gives you an impeccable opportunity to share your personal information with your guests. You can share the whole story about your first meeting and how it grew into a relationship. It is also possible to include a few funny stories or special memories about your wonderful relationship. It is also possible to include your favorite quotes, song lyrics, poems and photographs. You can also include some significant or sentimental information about your wedding ceremony.

• Including any kind of special instructions related to the wedding reception or ceremony: The program booklet is a perfect place for including additional instructions related to the wedding day. For instance, requesting guests to not bring any kind of gift to the wedding ceremony.