Freeze a Splendid Night with these Wintry Wedding Ideas

Here are some of the best winter wedding ideas which you can definitely use in your wedding.

Blankets of snow covering the floors,

Frosty snowflakes sheathed around the windows & doors.

Wedding in winter can indeed, be extremely exciting,

Get ready folks! It’s time for you to rock, dance and sing!

Weddings in winter are indeed great fun, why not make it even more memorable & sensational by splashing in memories of your uber-cool winter wedding. Here is a list of winter wedding ideas that you should consider to make your day go as smooth as an ice!


First Things First, Pay Attention to the Ambience

First things first, pay attention to the ambience

An extra added benefit of winter wedding is ‘You don’t sweat’ but at the same time, it is equally important to make sure that your guest don’t shiver as well. Pick a venue that complement frosty winters, also be particular about the winter wedding arrangements and precautions that you should look into. Add ample candles and lights to ensure that the heat level gets maintained (Although, honestly that doesn’t help much. Still, just do it for the thing called ‘Peace of Mind’). Now, the good news for you is, there is a chance that the Church will already be lit up due to Christmas. If you are really lucky, you’ll get it all handy already!


Nothing Above Than the Happiness of Getting Beautifully Dressed on the Wedding Day

Nothing above than the happiness of getting beautifully dressed on the wedding day

The fact that girls have an amazing will power is not hidden from anyone! Just pick what you would have picked for a summer wedding. It is just a matter of few hours but the pictures shall remain forever. Go sassy and flaunt your skin with confidence. But still, if you are a cold sensitive person. Then, you can go for frills and heavy gown that looks elegant and at the same time will protect you from winters. Nothing above health anyway! (We definitely don’t want your post wedding plans to be ruined ????)


Light Ought to be Right!

Light ought to be right!

In winters, it gets dark really early. Don’t let that matter of fact spoil your wedding pictures. Make sure that the lighting is apt wherever it is required. For example, there is magnificent art piece placed in a corner of the room and you know it is going to be an Instagram worthy element of your wedding, then do not forget to put appropriate lightnings around it to make sure it gets covered and your guest don’t get disappointed. Also, try clicking pictures during the sunset. The scenic beauty of sunset is indeed beyond words….


Winter is Here and so is the Craving for Hot Food

Winter is here and so is the craving for hot food

Winters call out for yummy mouth-watering food that just make your mouth go melt. Hot soups, nicely cooked kebabs, steaming hot mashed potatoes and what not? Winters is a perfect time to make the stomach go happy go lucky!  Furthermore, try adding seasonal food to your menu this will not only save your money from excessive squandering but will also align well with the need of the hour. After all, food is one thing that actually unites everyone and becomes a major talk point pre, post and during the wedding. Of course, you don’t want it to be boring.


Last but Definitely Not the least – Flowers!

Last but definitely not the least – Flowers!

White weddings have always been an upbeat choice for winters. If you want to continue the tradition, go for some classy pine-cones, gardenia, lily, gladiolus or the white orchid. Centerpieces of Teleflora white lace can too be placed to set the tone of a perfect winter wedding. But if you are a rule breaker and have a chaotic mind filled with bizarre ideas then just experiment and explore! Add matching winter wedding invitation cards to give a complete look and feel. Stuff in fresh amaryllis, berries and greenery and what not? Just use your right brain rightly…


We hope the above-mentioned winter wedding ideas will help you out in throwing a perfect winter wedding party! All the best and keep reading.