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5 Halloween Wedding Ideas for your ceremony

If you don’t breathe in oxygen but thrill, then this is it! If your veins don’t pump in blood but adventure, then this is it! Here are the best ideas for Halloween wedding.

Congratulations! You are super lucky to have a day as bizarre as the Halloweens to get hitched. Bury little secrets and surprises at every nook and corner of the venue to give your guests a hair-raising experience that they shall never forget.

Here’s a list of spooky and interesting tricks that you can use to create a magical experience around the whole theme.

(Caution: Be very watchful while planning your Halloween wedding. You might actually just see a real ghost!)

Halloween Theme wedding Invitations

  • Make a great first impression with designer wedding invitations that shout Happy Halloween! Be it a wedding card tied with spider’s web or an invite with the designs of Jack-O’- Lanterns; a spooky Save the Date card is all that you need to set a tone for your wedding.

designer wedding invitations


Haunted House

  • For the location, get your scenes set at an old building to give a look and feel of haunted house! Fill up the spaces with all the mysterious elements your mind can collect. What more? You can actually go to a cemetery for a flawless pre-wedding photo shoot.

Halloween wedding location


Sign Board

  • How about placing a haunted house inspired sign board right at the entry gate? Let your guests realize that they are about to enter a thrill filled zone and they should get ready to surrender themselves to a blood-tingling experience that shall envelope them in the next few hours.

Halloween Wedding Sign Board


Halloween Candy Bar

  • For the decor, go as dramatic as you can! There is a plethora of options available, use your magical wand of creativity and gussy up the entire space to a Halloween zone. Antique crystal chandeliers, jewel studded skull, Halloween candy bar, pumpkins and dried flowers (or else, flowers with the color of that of an eggplant) can make perfect picks for the wedding decor. Another eye-catchy thing to do can be, placing the pumpkins on the aisle. Trust us they are going to make some amazing photo props!

Halloween candy bar


Elegant Wedding Dress

  • We know how excited you are about your dress, so here’s the tips for your dress- An elegant blend of grey and black is sure going to be a big hit for your Halloween wedding. If you are in for experiments and have that brave heart to try out new things before your wedding day, then streaks of grey hairs are all you need to immerse yourself completely into the wedding theme.

Halloween wedding dress

All the very best for your Halloween wedding party we hope you have a spine-chilling experience of a lifetime. Be careful about the caution we mentioned in the beginning (Just kidding!)  and march ahead for your ‘Till death do us apart” procession!