The wedding time is the busiest time in everyone’s lives that is indulged in the preparation of the marriage.

There are lots of things that one needs to take care of before the bride and bridegroom say “I Do”.

From the wedding dress to florists, and from wedding invitation cards to wedding planner, so many small and big preparations one has to do to make the wedding day a memorable one for everyone.

One of the biggest and most important things without which a wedding cannot take place is the wedding venue.

A wedding venue is a factor on which all other major factors depend, a caterer has to see where he has to arrange food set up, a florist decides which part of the venue should ornate with flowers, after looking at the venue.

It is, therefore, necessary to have the best wedding venue checklist through which you can set the tone of your wedding.

How to make a perfect wedding venue checklist?

With the help of a wedding venue checklist, you can simplify many things, such as wedding décor, wedding theme, etc.

The real problem arises when you have to select the perfect wedding venue which is not only in your budget but also matches your wedding theme.

We have come up with this microscopically created wedding venue checklist which will definitely help you kick off your search. With this checklist of wedding venue, you would come to know all the major questions that you should ask the vendor before finalizing the venue.

We hope after going through this wedding venue checklist you could make a rational decision and focus on arranging other important factors such as selecting designer wedding cards.


Wedding Venue Checklist Questions You Should Ask


1. Is my preferred wedding date is available?

Always be flexible with your dates, rather than being rigid on the date. Check if the venue is available for the wedding date.

2. How many rooms are available at the venue?

Make sure you ask the venue vendor about the space at the wedding venue. In this way, you could assure to have both ceremony and reception held without any interruption. Also ask the vendor to make all the rooms available on the date of the wedding, so that your guests could get enough space to mingle, dance, and eat without facing space problems.

Wedding Venue Checklist

3. What are the inclusive in the package?

Wedding venues generally have something in their package, ask them about their inclusive such as catering options, prices to name a few. It could be anything ranging from cocktail reception to lunch, and to the dinner which could be done in different styles such as buffet-style or seated.

4. What are the timings to hire the wedding venue?

If you are planning your wedding during the peak wedding season, make sure you ask this question to your wedding venue vendor. Generally, during the wedding season, the vendors have a space problem and due to things, a couple has to arrange a wedding ceremony at one venue and reception at different. In case you don’t face such a situation, make sure you book the space for the days required.

5. What are the overtime rates?

During the hustle and bustle of the wedding, delay in one or the other thing generally happens, which is normal. But when it comes to a wedding venue, each minute counts as the wedding venue vendor charges on the basis of an hour or day. Therefore, always ask your wedding vendor if there would be any overtime rate. How much overtime you can get to leave the wedding venue?

6. What is your cancelation policy and is the amount refundable?

Generally, it does not happen, but there comes a time when we have to cancel the wedding venue because we have got some better place or some more economical place. For such a situation always ask the vendor about its cancelation policy. Make sure if such situations occur, your money will be refunded without any hassle. Do not forget to have all these things in writing before signing the deal.

7. Will there be any contract?

A wedding venue owner that does not have a contract to sign, you should be cautious of such a vendor. Before you finalize any place, always make sure that you have all the things that you and the vendor discuss, listed in the contract. It is necessary for the peace of mind. If your vendor doesn’t have a contract, you should always ask for one or you can simply hop on to another wedding venue. A wedding contract always gives a professional establishment to the deal.

8. Is there anything that is restricted?

The wedding venue generally has a hidden clause in their contract which is disclosed on the day of the wedding. Such a situation can spoil the charm of the wedding day. To avoid such a situation, you should always have this question “are there any restrictions?” in your wedding venue checklist. There are many things about which you should ask your wedding venue vendor such as maximum and minimum guest capacities, handicap accessibility, DJ music, flash photography, child restrictions, use of alcohol or red wine, etc.

9. Are there any charges for electricity and water?

When you finalize the wedding venue checklist make sure you have this point in it. Different vendors have a different policy, it is always better to make everything clear in advance. Ask the vendor if the cost of electricity will be included in the package or if it is separately payable. Always make sure that it has a proper provision of electricity supply so that your wedding day and wedding reception will be illuminated fantastically. Also ask your wedding vendor if the place has the provision of electricity backup like generator, just in case if there’s a failure.

10. Who will be the point of contact?

The day of the wedding is full of hustle and bustle, having a single point of contact for every aspect can streamline many situations. Whether it is about wedding invitation cards, wedding caterer or anything else, there should be a single point of contact. Once you sign a contract with your wedding venue vendor always make sure you ask for the point of contact. That point of contact will be the person who will look after every arrangement that will be going to be done on the day of marriage at the wedding venue premises. In case of any trouble, this point of contact will be your sav