If you are hunting for wedding dessert ideas and looking for sweet delicious bites after you say “I do”, then you are on the right alleyway.

Wedding Dessert ideas

Know me from where I am

The word dessert French originated is significant in each part of the world and from decades till today amaze everyone by the attractive look & maintained incredible taste so we enjoy every delicious bite of it.

Why Traditional Deserts For Big Day

When you are planning for your big day, which is a very special event in everyone’s life and each step is of your own choice, then why the desserts should be traditional. 

There is a huge list of dessert and few are like biscuit cakes, cookies, chocolate brownie, cupcakes, donut walls and many more. 

To understand the importance of traditional dessert and how they are still amazing everyone with the taste, just talk to your granny or search on sites for origins, however, if you need something poles apart from tradition then you will love reading ahead of our few non-traditional eye-candy wedding dessert ideas.

Pin For Wedding Dessert Ideas

Pin an important note for wedding dessert ideas that, there are endless possibilities of change in desserts, and the common cake becomes exceptional. The cakes like;

  • Decadent Dark Chocolate
  • Fresh Lemon
  • Red Carpet Red Velvet
  • Mocha Madness
  • Vanilla Decadent marble

Fillings can be changed like Bavarian Cream, freshly melted chocolate at the top or Fruit Fillings like Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon. 

Remember the vintage cake toppers where newly wedded statue or flag of “bride to be” is placed which is made of plastic.

You can design your wedding cake topping from scratch, it could be like a picture of a wedding on the cake, color can be of choice, change the flavor by adding an ingredient, topping with flowers or any other design made of eatable like sugar or buttercream instead of that plastic bag.

You can use fresh flowers as toping as they amplify the glance, but needs to be handled very carefully so those original blooms cannot be eaten by any guest.

To make your unconventional cake is ready for the big day; you just need the best caterer who can make the best dessert as per your choice and also give sufficient time to your baker for a stress-free process, so the customization can be done as per your imagination.

Let’s Desert Delight

Cupcake or fairy cake or patty cake, so many names then why the cupcake is unique, exactly there is variety too in cupcakes designs and taste as well. Apart from major ingredient butter, sugar, egg, flour & frosting these cakes come in more than sixty plus diversity which makes it uncommon and out of the box.  

Cup cake-like “Chubbies” twice larger than a common cupcake and can be decorated as per the theme just ask your baker the design you want to decorate it for your big day.

Deserts With Flavor of Cookies & Brownies   

Two more important desserts that cannot be missed from the wedding dessert ideas list are cookies & brownies. A small sweet flat cooked filled with resins, chocolate chips oats & nuts cookie small in size but big in taste. The crunchy taste fills your mouth with so many tastes that filled inside this small crusty bomb.

Just allow your cookies to remain simple at the top, so to keep it delicious & it will remain fresh and yummy.

If we think about Brownies an imagination comes in three places mind, mouth & in our heart because of its soft and tender mind soothing taste. 

There are varieties too in brownies; it could be fudgy or cakey & apart from main ingredient bakers also include nuts, frosting, cream cheese, chocolate chips to raise the taste of each piece. 

Rich Brownie with Best Chocolate 

Brownies are always cut down into smaller pieces like rectangular or square or any other shape because they are not kept for longer at home. The richest brownie is only made with the best chocolate.

Nutella Brownies


If your guest loves eating brownie which ultra tall thick brownies fudgy, chewy and a little bit gooey then you must add this in your wedding dessert ideas list. It’s cooked in unsalted butter to control the salt level & used semi-sweet chocolate to prepare these Nutella brownies. 

Cookies Dough Hearts

Adorable cookies dough hearts, these sweet cookies where no backing & eggs are involved. These tasty delights made of butter & dipped in rich chocolate & you can’t your guests to stay far for it.

Snowflake Sugar Deserts

Adding one more tick for wedding dessert ideas list, if the date is in the winter season, it serves for big or small crowed & perfect dessert for your big day or any holiday party as well. Easy to prepare & decorate. 

These few desserts which are now in your wedding dessert ideas list help you to select the best dessert for your Big Day.