When you prepare your to-do list, you find yourself to be more expensive, and suddenly you turn out to maintain the list of but want some cut out in expense. The DIY here plays an inexpensive role when you find yourself strapped with a tight wedding budget. Regardless, say thanks to all your family and friends to be with them on this auspicious moment with more heartfelt and personal present or the Wedding Favors. We have tied up here some 15 easy DIY favor from which you will get inspired for your nuptials.

Customized Fortune Cookies

Customized Fortune Cookies - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

Want some fun custom DIY, and then fortune cookies are not behind the list. Get some cookies and stuff them with fortune messages. If you want these cookies to match with your wedding theme, you can get them done. Pack them in a personalized bag with your name and wedding date, then seal them or tied them up with ribbon.

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Festive Favor

Festive Favour - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

Stock your personalized plastic bag with colorful confetti pieces and leave a message for guests using stamps and stickers on card stock. Seal your plastic bag with your customized card stock. This DIY is like killing two birds in one shot, and you can use it as a Wedding favors as well as a way to your grand exit.

Be Seasonal

Be Seasonal - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

Are you planning for a fall wedding? Then try out something that will keep you in line with the autumnal feel. Send your guests with some DIY seasonal touch. For this place mini pumpkins on the plate of a reception table mentioning their seating placements with gift tags and craftsmanship.

Be Green, Go Green

Be Green, Go Green - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

Be Green, Go Green - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

You are going to start your life freshly, and your love grows as the day passes by. To signify your growing love over a period, you can buy ready made potted succulents and personalize it by sticking a thanksgiving note or give away the flowers seeds packed in your personalized packet mentioning your wedding date and names.

Touch the Sentiments

Touch the Sentiments - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

If you have so many out-of-town guests, then highlight everyone that you are getting married especially in a homey vibe. A favor by stuffing the little jars with yours and your partner’s favorite local coffee with a thank you note stick upon it and tying up a stock card mention your names and dates

Sweet To Sweeter

Sweet To sweeter - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

It is irresistible for all guests of any group to the cloudy like sugary pink cotton candy. Hang this sugary goodness in a display with clothespins with a personalized thank you note. You can double up this fun by hanging up different color candy, or match the candy with your them wedding.

Be Buzzy

Be Buzzy - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

If you want to get done everything in a hassle-free way, then gift your nearest and closest one with a vial of honey as you and your partner bee-long together. It is easy to assemble and hassle-free work. Just cover the head of the jar with burlap and tie up around the neck of the jar with your personalized attachable tag.

Get refreshed with Floral

Get refreshed with floral - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

If succulent is not your taste but you want to maintain the living wedding favors, then you can refine your bouquet making ability with simply rolling out a cone of sheet music rather than a regular paper or grab some miniature cases with a wooden base. Stuff both of them with some small blooms they must not be a long lasting as succulent, but it’s a great take away.

Grad those Scents and be Sensual

Grad those scents and be sensual - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

If you want to give your wedding a sensual touch then put your dip- dye skills in a test with the candle favors. Buy some candles with their glass holder and decorate it with a cotton gauze dipped in a watercolor. These dyed wedding favors look far from the amateur, and you can also try out something that matches your wedding color palette.

Something Warm and Cozy

 Something warm and cozy - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

Winter wedding brings out a chilling cold let your guests be warm and cozy. Send your guests home with a hot chocolate kit. Stack all the sweet essential ingredient required to make this warm and cozy beverages with copper. This will give an elegant feel and great give away with all your close ones will love to sip enjoying the cold weather.

Let it be a One-of-a-Kind

Let it be a One-of-a-Kind - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

A DIY with the seating arrangements, so that you manage everything in a hassle-free way. For this, you can make some handmade boats with different paper patterns with a cardboard star stuck to it with your guest’s name. This will be a simple flip from a seating cart to a guests favor. Also, this will help your nearest and dearest one to direct them to their respective seats.

Try out Handwritten

Try out Handwritten - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

Sometimes simply a piece of paper expresses an untold feeling that touch the reader’s heart. Give your guests a Handwritten ‘Thank You’ note to express all your gratitude. Spill all your over the paper, and this makes this a unique wedding favors. Give away something that is worth treasuring off. Don’t hand over the note simple incorporate with a fresh apple for finishing touch.

Tap Your Musical Beat

Tap Your Musical Beat - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

Plan something out so that guests and your loved ones tap their feet on every beat. Try out some sets of personalized mini tambourines and put your spins. Customized it with some thoughts or your names and wedding dates using stamps or a paint pen. Then distribute it to your guests, and they will use it on the dance floor or can take away home as a decorative piece.

Quench with a Sip

Quench with a sip - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

Everyone wants to enjoy grabbing wine connoisseurs on the way out of your wedding to quench their thirst. For this, you can be a little playful buy a simple can of wine and add up an inexpensive DIY touch with your decorative straw. You can also attach a personalized note with also. Your budget-friendly guest’s wedding favors are ready to rave about.

Something that Tastes Good

Something that tastes good - Wedding Favors - IndianWeddingCards

At your wedding, everyone wants to have a light bite to munch upon before dinner. Just take your Wedding favors to the next level, serve some cheese with your customized cheese board. For this label the rectangular piece of slate/menu card with your guest’s name and stuffing upon some munching eatables. This will add some elegance to your tablescape, and it will convert your guests into the ultimate party host.