Wanna Be Style Icon In Your Wedding? Latest Groom Trends To Become One

Brides to be’ are generally too conscious about the wedding attires but, not just for themselves.  They always find the best groom inspiration for their ‘grooms to be’ as they want them to look super stunning.  ‘Would be Grooms’ also keep an eye on all the latest groom fashion trends for themselves. Check the latest trends for groom styling, if you are getting married anytime soon.

Groom Style trends - IndianWeddingCards

Fine, we all know that black or white suits look super awesome on you but, change the trend this year. The 2016 groom style guide suggests that it is not mandatory for you to wear suits in your wedding this year.  You have all the right to find something different for your wedding or if you still want to wear a suit, find a new color that could easily match with your marriage color, wedding theme or your favorite wedding cards.

Staying monochromatic is completely out of trend this year. When you select the right color for your wedding attire, you have the option to mix and match the colors and patterns. If you are fashion savvy and want to try the latest style, you can try something that has differing color.

We completely agree that bringing changes is not that easy so, if you decide to stick to the traditional groom fashion guide, you still have the option to add subtle shades of bold colors in your outfit to present a unique glamour in your wedding.  Colorful bow tie or pocket square is more than enough to follow the latest fashion guide.

Groom Style Bowtie - IndianWeddingCards

If you want to look absolutely different and you are ready to take a loud step, you should try the patterned look in your wedding. A patterned suit could easily be paired with your wedding decor or wedding invitations. It would be completely on you to choose an overstated one or a subtle one for your wedding.

Bridesmaids always try to look their best to compliment the bride too well. The trend is slowly empowering the groom’s side as well. For this, the groomsmen are ready to follow the latest Groom Inspiration. They are looking for various hues, style and patterns of suits to ensure that they look fab with the handsome groom. You should also make sure that your groomsmen are following the latest Groom Fashion Trends to completely stand out.

Groom style trends 2016 - IndianWeddingCards

The accessories make a whole lot of difference in anyone’s look and hence, it is a key for the grooms to look just wow in their wedding. You should try to find the best accessory like watch or bracelet to completely compliment your unique styling. You can almost play with your style by adding the right accessory in your overall look.