7 Awesome Bridal Wear Colors Other Than Red Or Pink

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about red and pink color? I am pretty sure; you would think either about lovely flowers or beautiful bridal dresses. And why not, flowers often carry these beautiful hues and bridal wedding dresses in Indian weddings often follow the same tradition in terms of colors. But, it’s time for a change now. After all, if the entire world is too colorful then, why to stick with specific colors only.

Indian Bridal Wears - IndianWeddingCards

Deadly White & Peach Combo

Peach & White Lehengas -IndianWeddingCards

If you need a vivacious and gorgeous color combination for your bridal wear, you should blend white and peach colors for your wedding attire. These colors together in your dress will give a very pretty and glamorous appearance to you.

Sunshine Yellow

Yellow Lehanga

Being my personal favorite, I would suggest you to try this beautiful yellow hue for the dresses in your wedding. Bright yellow colored lehenga with subtle hints of pink in dupatta will give a fresh and graceful. Blend this with diamond and gold jewellery for that splendid look, which everyone craves for.

 Bright Orange

Bright Orange Lehengas - IndianWeddingCards

Orange theme weddings demand orange decoration, theme marriage invitation and orange wedding dresses. This vibrant shade is so beautiful for wedding attires that any girl can look extra beautiful. Matching the gorgeous orange colored dresses with amber jewellery will add the charm to die for.

Deepest Blue

Blue Lehenga Designs - IndianWeddingCards

The time has completely changed now and that’s why dark shades are now easily accepted for dresses in the wedding. The latest trend suggests using the deepest blue for a spectacular look. Oversized nose ring with too much of jewellery with this dress will look simply mind-blowing. Add subtle hints of yellow and red in the dupatta for even more amazing appearance.

Multicolor Galore

Multicolor Lehengas - IndianWeddingCards

Why to settle on one color when you have so much at your disposal? Most of the brides chose a specific color for their dresses in the wedding. But, the latest suggestion is to add many colors in your dress. This will be a fun idea and it will make you look super stunning. Super colorful attires are perfect for all those brides who literally love colors.

Elegant Beige

Beige Colored Lehaengas - IndianWeddingCars

This one is beyond perfection for all the glamorous wedding theme dresses and this will never fail you. The Beige colored dress was recently worn by Bollywood diva Asin in her wedding and she was simply loaded with awesomeness. For an unbeatable glam, you can try a beige colored bridal dresses with trace of Maroon hues.

Unmatched Mint-Blue Green

Mint Blue Green Lehengas - IndianWeddingCards

If you are planning a different theme for wedding, you should definitely try a completely different color palette for your wedding. Mint blue green colored bridal attire will be an offbeat choice for any stunning bride. This color adds all the glam and charm in your appearance and you will simply steal the show with your beauty.