11 Amazing Wedding Styles From 11 Astounding US States

For the astounding wedding styles, popular wedding US states or dream destination weddings, you have to look no further. Why? Simply because, we have made a list of top 11 US wedding states representing the most famous US wedding styles. And, this list could also be used to find a perfect destination wedding venue in US for you.


Alaska Glacier Wedding - IndianWeddingCards

This is one such state of the US, which has the charm and beauty of mountains, woodlands, glacier and all other natural eye-catching marvels. Organizing an evening ceremony with beautiful color palette at some amazing lodge will serve the purpose of having an astonishing American style wedding.


California Wedding - IndianWeddingCards

No replica can be created for any Californian wedding for sure. The Malibu Rocky oaks can serve as your awe-striking wedding venue for the US wedding styles. The mountains and vineyards setting of this beautiful venue will give you a feeling of backyard wedding with an incredible backdrop. Bright colored accents will completely make a different on the soft shades of nature.


Hawai Wedding - IndianWeddingCards

For the old Hawaiian wedding style, you definitely have to select this state for your kind of wedding style. The lush tropical greens blended with ferns, mini pineapples, orchids and various other local arrangements can give you a best wedding ceremony for sure. For the perfect destination wedding tips, you can select a fixed color theme blended with muted linens and dark woody accents.

New Jersey

New Jersey Estate Wedding - IndianWeddingCards

The garden Estate wedding is one of the perfect Weddings across US States. For this, New Jersey is the state you are looking for. If the lush greenery touches blended with hundreds of strings lights and chandeliers, it will result into an intimate barn reception fete. It will give a rustic as well as romantic feel to your American style wedding.


Florida Wedding - IndianWeddingCards

If you are planning a dreamy beach destination wedding for yourself, Florida is the right US state for you. Seaside accents at the coast of Floridian beaches can be simply astonishing. The coral inspired wedding cake, gold compass wedding favors and various other seaside related details will add a wow factor to your wedding.


Michigan Wedding- IndianWeddingCards

For a carefree bash, yard games, cigars, lot of drinks and full-on dance, you should go for the Michigan state for the best weddings across US states. For a hassle-free wedding ceremony, you can keep everything quite simple with simple wedding decor like vintage vases, lace accents, candle holders and plates. For fuss free ambience, add yummy food and strong drinks to work wonders for you.


Nevada Tahoe lake wedding - IndianWeddingCards

You love snow and wild flower, this one is for you honey! Nevada is that state of US, which can give you a snow-capped backdrop and a cosy feel for your most intimate personal ceremony. The Edge wood Tahoe’s scenic beauty blended with wooden details and rustic wedding cake can give you the right feel.

New Mexico

New Mexico architecture style wedding - IndianWeddingCards

This state of US is famous for European style architecture, Hollywood inspired details and sprawling winery. And, if you are looking for these in your destination wedding then, one of the best destination wedding tips is to select this state for your wedding. It will bring old and contemporary styles of architecture and wedding together to give you a completely different wedding style.


New York

New York Wedding - IndianWeddingCards

What do you love? Adventure, risk taking or urban setting? Well, if you love any of them and want to have adventurous or urban wedding for yourself then, undoubtedly you need to select the beautiful New York state for your wedding.  The glam of the state will impress you as well as your wedding guests for sure.


Ohio Bohemian Wedding -IndianWeddingCards

The Bohemian wedding theme is well served in the beautiful state of Ohio. For this, you need not to select any specific decor or color in Ohio State. For rustic barn feel, you can add lavender boutonnieres, thriftier glassware, globes, blooms and suitcases. The vintage flair for these American style weddings will be pretty high in this state.


Texax Desert Inspired Wedding - IndianWeddingCards

The Big Bend National Park in Texas is perfect for a desert-inspired color hues wedding style. It will provide you an amazing desert backdrop for your dream wedding. The beautiful colors of desert can be balanced with some poppy and bright shades. For a delightful wedding reception menu, you can include a lot of tacos and spicy margaritas.

To make your destination wedding perfect we have already shared the best destination wedding tips in one of last article. So, you just need to pick one state for your dream wedding.