Wedding is the bonding of two hearts truly, madly and deeply in love and Valentine day is the day to celebrate love. So, which day could be better than the valentine day to get married? In our opinion, no other day is as awesome to get married other than the valentine day. Moreover, there are amazing perks that makes this day even more perfect for getting hitched. If you want to know these perks, here are 10 reasons to marry your soulmate on Valentine day.

Fetured image Valentine Day

1. Handy wedding theme

When you plan your wedding with your soulmate, you always want to have best possible wedding theme but, if you plan to have the wedding on valentine day, you already know what is the best wedding theme.

2. Paint red

The colour of valentine is red and the colour of love is red and everyone loves this colour. Having a valentine day wedding allows you to drench everything from wedding venue to valentine day wedding cards and dresses in red colour.

3. Be famous

Remember, it’s a valentine day wedding and you have all the right to be romantic. You can always share your love story by pictures, videos and music with your wedding guests. May be, they can take inspiration from your love story.

4. Celebrate love

Even if you were not supposed to get married on valentine day, you must have celebrated the valentine day with your soulmate anyhow. So, getting married on the valentine day with the most romantic wedding invitations is the right way to celebrate your love.

5. Red velvet cake

Name one person, who don’t love it? Yes, we are talking about the Red velvet cake. This cake is super yummy and it is deep red and white in shade and it is made to fit right in a valentine day wedding.

6. Stunning wedding invites

Wedding invites are the first thing that sets the mood of the wedding guests and a Valentine day wedding allows you to have the most romantic wedding invitations. You can have hearts, cupid and lots of lots of red in your invites.

7. Let the romance flow

There must be various couples in your group who want to celebrate their valentine day together but, they can’t. Your valentine day wedding will allow all such couples to spend some quality time together in romantic surroundings of your wedding.

8. Hearts all around

We are indeed talking about marriage and hearts are a fun way to celebrate this. A valentine day wedding allows you to decorate your wedding with hearts and make the wedding a fun event for everyone.

9. Chocolates all around

Everyone loves chocolates and couples share a lot of chocolates on valentine day. In a valentine day wedding, you get a chance to use these chocolates as your wedding favour and much more.

10. Remember for ever

Husbands often forget their wedding anniversary dates and you know the rest story but, with a valentine day wedding, no such thing will occur. Even if you will feel you can forget, let us tell you that valentine day falls on 14th Feb every year.

 When cupid pulls the bow, set your love go high!