What could be more romantic than getting married in the monsoon season? The weather, showers, ambience and the cool breeze are various factors that altogether inspire you to choose monsoon wedding over any other wedding season. We agree that sometimes the logistic troubles make it difficult to have one but, you would love to have colorful monsoon wedding after seeing our wonderful Ideas.

Rainbow Colors

Colorful Monsoon Wedding Ideas - IndianWeddingCards
For a wonderful wedding in the rainy season, you have the option to choose various color schemes but, you can always go for the rainbow colors for your wedding color scheme. Adding all the seven cool rainbow colors will make your rainy wedding super stunning and vibrant. You will have endless options opened for your wedding when you choose rainbow colors.

Let Monsoon Be The Theme

Colorful Monsoon Wedding Ideas - IndianWeddingCards

For a wedding in the rainy season, you should definitely opt for monsoon theme wedding. You can utilize rain showers, umbrellas, rainbow colors and greenery to amaze all your wedding guests. For your first dance after the wedding ceremony, you can try the rain dance; it will look fabulous and highly romantic to each and everyone. And, the rain dance would be a good way to make your entire wedding guest enjoy at the utmost level.

Desi Starters

Colorful Monsoon Wedding Food - IndianWeddingCards

Colorful Monsoon Wedding in India should be studded with various Desi starters to make sure that all your wedding guests appreciate you later. You can have various pakoras and Desi rolls along with Masala chai for your wedding. We bet you all your wedding guests will thoroughly enjoy all these starters and will remember your wedding for a very long time.

Monsoon Delicacies

Colorful Monsoon Wedding Ideas - IndianWeddingCards

If you want to have an unparalleled opportunity on the menu for your wedding reception, nothing is better than the monsoon theme wedding. You can have various hot dishes for your reception and you could assure that everyone enjoys their meal to the fullest. However, you should take extra care in preparing all the dishes and meal for making sure that nothing is unhygienic.

Studded With Umbrellas

Colorful Monsoon Wedding Ideas - IndianWeddingCards

If you want to have one thing that could represent monsoon wedding ideas, you should have umbrellas in the wedding. You can decorate your wedding venue with these beautiful and colorful umbrellas. The Colorful Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards can have the print of shower and umbrella to match your wedding theme. Along with these, you can have a pre-wedding photo shoot with these umbrellas.

Monsoon Theme Decor

Colorful Monsoon Wedding Ideas - IndianWeddingCards
Colorful Monsoon Wedding Decor Ideas - IndianWeddingCards

The colorful Monsoon Wedding should definitely include beautiful monsoon decor. You can have paper boats, umbrellas and rain boots to decorate your wedding venue. Other than this, you should use the dramatic and pretty lighting for your wedding. In place of paper lanterns, you can crystal lights and umbrellas with light for matching your Monsoon Theme Wedding.